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February 2011 NARM -- Are you taking it?

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Hi all,


Would love to hear from others that are taking the NARM next month. After years of preparation, it's so hard to believe it is this close. I am nervous that I'm missing things that others might think are "common knowledge" and too in depth on things that'll never get asked. What I wouldn't give for a practice exam!


For those who have the study question guide for Varney's, did you find the out-of-hospital questions to be useful?


My study plan:


Finished the CIB outline and plugging in answers from H&H. I have over 1200 study cards in my iphone. 

    **IF someone else has done this, I would love to compare notes. However, I spent weeks of my life on this so I'd rather not just give out my outline freely.. partially because I don't want to guarantee the info is 100% correct/complete.


Re-reading Varney's (and looking at study guide)


Going through various notecards that others have posted on study exchange websites.


Started with Myles and then felt it would be too much at this stage.


I previously read Holistic Midwifery I & II and have used them numerous times for research - but I am not re-reading them now because I feel like it'll not be the best use of my time?


I have almost every single book you can imagine on my shelf. I started with AAMI, finished with MTB, and bought 95% of the books on the NARM CIB list. I'm not opening Williams unless someone states it's fantastic and a must-read before NARM. :)


Areas where I feel weakest:


herbs/homeopathy.  I have a good handle of the herbs the local mw's use (cotton root for induction, angelica for placenta, shepherd's purse for pp bleeding, hops for BP, motherwort for afterpains) but the sheer # of herbs that could be used for any given ailment is overwhelming to me. The same for homeopathy. I know basics - sepia for mood, cimi for softening, cauli for contractions, arnica for swelling, etc. I don't want to spend too much brain power on this because I feel like I'm better suited making sure I have all of my ducks in a row for things like dealing with a surprise breech delivery.


Pelvimetry - does anyone have amazing tips for remembering the various muscles and the measurements? Little tricks generally stick in my brain, like the rule of gaining 10lbs by 20 wks (10 by 20) or  2 arteries & 1 vein is AVA. Dirty Duncan/Shiny Shultz, etc. 


Breastfeeding - only because I've heard this area trips up folks. I breastfed 5 of my 6 kiddoes til they self-weaned, you'd think this wouldn't worry me. ;) 


I'm a single mom with six kids depending on me. I need to pass this test. If I knew exactly what I needed to know, I could memorize it and feel confident. I do feel like I'm good at applying knowledge as well.. but my fear is every midwife is SO different in how she practices.. even things like do you use a compress when baby is crowning? (Some are against this because they feel like it blocks sensation and views, others think it's a necessity for the ginger water to help circulation). 




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Quick reply to my own post -- I just found out today that I passed. I'm so thankful :) 

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Congratulations!!  What a great relief that must be!  What did you do for your last minute prep?  (typing this with Varney's balancing in my lap, haha)

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I used the CIB outline and went through with H&H to answer *every* section. I also went through Varney's (3rd edition) and read/made notes throughout and put many of those into Mental Case flashcards too. I read some of Myles, but didn't finish it. 


Mostly I created around 2000 flash cards (not an exaggeration!!) and reviewed them endlessly. And, I know folks say to do something fun the night before - but I studied then too. ;) 

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Congrats!!!  What is CIB???

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Candidate Information Bulletin. 




This was a huge help and going over it with a fine tooth comb allowed me to see any weaknesses. :)

Thanks for the congrats. Best wishes for those studying for the next one!!



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thank you as well.  Im hoping to take it in a few years.  Im taking the courses from Gloria Lemay right now and Im starting AAMI in October. 

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I started with AAMI and switched to MTB because it was a bit more streamlined for graduation -- my state required that I graduate from a program, I know some states don't. I'm considering finishing up AAMI now because 1) I paid for it and 2) I do think it's a great thorough study. It also gives me a good framework for continuing my education. Btw, doing TWO courses is probably the best way to end up with a crazy-huge library. :) 


Best wishes to you! 

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Thank you!   What is MTB? Are you doing it online? 

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Congrats!  I am a MTB student as well, on track to sit for the NARM August 2012.

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What does MTB stand for?  I feel stupid for not knowing.

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http://midwifetobe.com/ not a stupid question at all :)

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I am just starting to work thru the PEP process and think about the NARM exam. I just downloaded the Mental Case app and thought that seemed like a good way for me to study. Did you find it helpful?

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Mental Case was VERY helpful. I studied through my cards every spare moment and ended up with 2000 cards. 

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I did MTB online and also attended some of the skills weekends. I was an apprentice in SC (now practicing in VA) so it was about a 2 hour drive. Lisa Aman is a fantastic hostess and it's well worth attending a skills weekend. I loved it. 

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