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My son is now 7mos and we have had such great success with breastfeeding that I was certain I would be one of those moms who didnt get their period back until weaning happened. Yesterday I began spotting, I am not thrilled to say the least. I know that it wont affect breastfeeding by any means but just wondering about other women out there and how quickly and heavily your periods came back? Most of my friends with little ones didnt start again until at least a year postpartum. 

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I was EBFing, co-sleeping and all... got AF at 3months PP.


I think it's just genetic - my mom reports similar quick return. Bummmmmmmer. 

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Well it was right at a year for me, but it does affect my supply; right before my period starts my supply dips. My supply comes back though, but the dip is frustrating, especially with the PMS that accompanies it! 


My first was considerably light, but the next couple have been WOW so.so.heavy- like the first couple of days I need a tampon and a heavy pad to contain it while out in public. So yah, be prepared, just in case! lol

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I had spotting at 5 months and 19 months and my first period at 21 months.

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I think I got my first PPAF around 2 months even with co-sleeping and EBFing a baby who nursed every 90 minutes around the clock. I also got a Mirena (which I've decided was an awful mistake) right after, so I started being really irregular and light, but continued to come. I think it's hereditary too. 

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I had spotting at 14m and then about one month later I got my first true PP AF.  Basically a normal AF for me.  Didn't notice any supply dip or anything. I had super sore nipples at O time though.  Hadn't changed anything about our nursing relationship.


It's just so varied from woman to woman.

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