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Introduction and a question (or two) about other UC boards out there

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Hello to all on the UC thread - whether planning or thinking about it or having done it!


I'm Lisa and I plan to have my baby unassisted this April.  This will be my second child, and first UC.  I had planned for a UC with the first but went to the hospital after 40 hours of prodomal labour and not really knowing what I was doing.  It's a decision I regret every day.


We are going to be living on a remote Island in BC that doesn't have a hospital, but has ambulance service that coordinates with a Medivac Helicopter in case of emergency.  I have to admit that it's waaaay outside of what I ever would have considered my comfort zone - the hospital being on another island an all that - but it's just the way it has to be if I am going to have a baby and make myself a cup of tea and sit out on my porch an hour later.


I'm fairly knowledgeable about most things birth and hope that I won't have to use any of my knowledge for complications and that the little bean just slips right out into my hands.


Anyway, that's me in a nutshell and I look forward to spending the next couple of months with you!



Part two of this post is about boards like BornFree and specifically the Canadian UC board.  


If anyone has the Canadian UC board info, would they please send me a link?  I seem to have lost the info and it's not really turning up in google (big surprise!)


Also, what's the deal with BornFree?  I have tried in vain to recover my password, then re-register twice and there is never any response to my registration.  Has anyone else had the same problems?  I would love to connect with other mothers but can't seem to figure this one out - now it seems as though the forum has disappeared.  What's the deal?


Thanks for taking the time to get back to me on this.


All the best!!!

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hola.gif I'm also due in April(18th) and this will be my first UC. :highfive:

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I have had the same troubles with bornfree. Though this board has its cons (not as many people around, and it is a public forum which can lead to anti-homebirth people ridiculing you on their sites!), I think it is a great place to chat and often to collect info. There are plenty of experienced UC mamas here!



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Born Free got hacked (actually the server did--so 800 sites were impacted!)--they've been down for a couple weeks.  However, they are working on coming back.  I can let you know as soon as they get it all back up...because it's happened before, the people who run it have learned to save everything--so it should be returned, intact, soon.  It's a great place for thorough info and thoughtful discussion!

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I was just thinking about asking about Bornfree. It was a forum I used to visit often and now that I'm actually pregnant it's down.



Hopefully it comes back up soon.



Good luck with your UC, Chinupchamp. 




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Thanks everyone and it's nice to "meet" you. 


It would be great to know when the site is up and running - so thanks for offering to let me/us know.


Hi to you too Crystal!  Good to know another mama due in April.  


Anyway - I have to run - heading to a meeting with a mom who wants a Doula at her uc.  I'm the second doula actually, just helping a friend out who's the primary doula since she has to bring her baby with her to the birth!  Crazy.  I'm actually really excited to attend a UC (not in a professional capacity or anything) and see how awesome it can be.


bye for now!

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Good to know about Bornfree! I was wondering what was going on over there.


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 fyi, ivillage also has a UC board :)



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I had that issue with BornFree as well. For the last year and a half. I've tried several times to get on there and have never been accepted.

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The Bornfree site is back up and running again.




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I finally received approval to join bornfree - indeed there were problems with their servers or something.  Just wanted to let everyone know that it seems to be working and that a new membership has been granted.


Now if I could just get approval for the Canadian UC yahoo group - this seems a little slow too.  Oh well, I guess we all have lives somewhere out of cyberspace and MDC!



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I never got approval from an admin, only a confirmation of registration. =(

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