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So, my son is 11 months old, and he has refused to use the potty at night for months. About a week ago, he used the potty one night once and another night twice when I had him nappy free, nursed him, and let him stay side lying in the covers while I nursed him, he would pee. Now? He lets me hold the jar and nurse him, but as soon as he's ready to pee, he fusses and rolls onto his tummy to pee. I have the container on a heater, so it's nice and warm. I've tried waking him up to pee, but I guess I've never gotten the timing right or something because I've had no success with it. He pees at about 2-3AM and then not again until 5AM when we get up. When I take breaks from trying to potty him, and just change diapers, we go through a lot more diapers at night, but he sleeps later into the morning and I'm not up for an hour trying to potty him. I just think that using diapers greatly hinders the natural potty learning process and I don't want to go back to them. On the other hand, I'm sleep deprived and feeling frustrated. And to make matters worse, my daughter, who "graduated" at 18 month, had an accident today. She's almost four. It's pretty rare for her to have an accident (the last time she had a toliet accident was the regression she had when her brother was born), and I wonder if it's related to the stress of weaning, but the whole thing just make me question the whole thing. Give me some encouragement! Give me some ideas about how to encourage pottying at night!