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Hearing aids cost?

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I am 34 yo and for a long time have had trouble hearing. I finally went and had a test and it is as I knew I need hearing aids I was floored by the cost $4000 just wondering Anybodies experience or ideas of cheaper options at least for now I got laid off yesterday and just filled out for unemployment( I have never been laid off and not sure what to expect) and of course no medical insurance even though from what I've been told they normally don't pay for them.

Update already worried I'm in a scam!!

Please help

I went to Miracle ear for test they said $4000 he dr calls today saying a new promo is going to start next Monday for $ 2990 any advise???
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Do you have a university nearby that has a speech pathology or communication disorders program? I know my local university has a speech and hearing clinic where they do testing and then refer to doctors that have been around for awhile and have a good reputation.


I think I'd be looking for a second opinion and maybe checking with a local ENT about where they refer.

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Is there any way you can get another hearing test from someone who doesn't sell hearing aids? A health fair, a college audiology department, a school nurse? Someone who has enough knowledge to look in your ears to be sure there isn't a blockage (ear wax or something else) that is adding to the problem. Just to confirm that hearing aids are needed and will help before you pay all that money.


The Costco near us sells hearing aids: it would be worth shopping around to see how prices compare.


Personally, I wouldn't rush for the "sale" from the place you are looking. That does sound like a tactic to make you hurry and buy. Even if it is not, chances are good that they will have another promo soon.

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You could apply for Medicaid since you've got no income and would be considered 'disabled' , or atleast a special circumstance, since you need the assistive device to function in every day life. You definitely need to find the Hearing & Speech center in your area, check with all hospitals that are a reasonable driving distance from you (I take my 2yr old 45mins away for her hearing aids, it's worth it).. Whoever you're seeing needs to care more about your hearing and quality of life than trying to sell you something.

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The nearest university is at least 4 hours away. We wouldn't quailify for any assistance dh makes about $72000 per year we just have a lot of debt. I agree about getting another opinion I just don't have the extra for the test right now
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My niece needed hearing aids.  She just turned 2 in December.  She had a thousand and one tests after failing all of the hearing tests before leaving the hospital.  I'm pretty sure her devices ran $6K.  So, I don't think you're being scammed based on that price. 

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My Dh wears hearing aids and has for 8 years.  We were able to get the first set covered by insurance~ the sticker price was 5K.  This time around we have different insurance so they will not be covered.  We shopped around and were quoted between 6K and $1500 for a pair of hearing aids.  There are great cost variances between brands and among providers.  The lowest estimate we got came from our university speech clinic.  Shop around and don't feel like you have to respond to a "sale price."     

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72k and no money for hearing? I know you have bills but you need to sit down and take a long hard look at the income.  Your hearning needs to come first.  Does your DH have health insurance? Is health insurance offered at his job?  if so you need to get on his plan, look at the plan and see what's offered/covered.  You need to find ENT/audiologist, etc and find out exactly whats wrong w. your ears. What type of hearing aid is going to help and HOW its going to help you.  Do you need an aid that goes inside the ear, outside the ear etc.  Silly as it sounds, do you really have a hearing problem or just a horrible allergy (mucus), swollen gland problem,  Do you have some odd illness that presents as hearing loss but really is something totally different?


Look at it like this, you can be having vision problems but not need glasses.  the reason your vision is whacked up is because you are diabetic and your blood sugars are all over the charts.  something totally unrelated to the intital problem is causing the chaos.  I would get further testing and see what that brings you.


But yes hearing aids and hearing therapy, etc are very expensive (so are glasses, my last pair was close to $500 and DS just got his pair, $400)

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I'd be wary of Miracle Ear; my audiology teacher didn't hold the company in high regard, but that could have just been our area.  But hearing aids are expensive.  Insurance doesn't cover much of the cost; my mom's covered $1000 every 2 or 3 years.  Costco aids are pretty good.  The digital ones are more expensive, but have greater customizations in their programs.

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Yes 72 witha family of 5 that has never gotten any assistance of any kind and hasn't had medical in over 2 years so we have a ton of medical bills (2 hospitalizations without insurance) I'm not asking to have to defend our income. Im asking for advice. I have looked at income and expenses for a long long time before this and our cost of living area is just so ridiculous there's no discount type of stores to help except Aldi's within about 65 miles and so many of the bills are past due I'm always behind.

Anyway I'm asking if the prices are right or not ?
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Well then, yes, the price is correct.

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Sorry, didnt mean to come across as harsh on you, but yes the costs on hearing aids are expensive. I wouldnt fall for the 'going on sale next week' line though.

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I urge you to see an ENT before you get hearing aides. You really want to find out what the medical cause of the hearing loss is (loud noise exposure vs. earwax vs. long term use of cipro or ear drum damage.) The ent visit will include a hearing test, compare those results to what the hearing aide seller gives you.


hearingaidforums.com has some very good advice. Choose your brand carefully as repairs can be expensive.


Yes, $3-4000 is an expected price.

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Please, please see an ENT and a doctoral prepared audiologist.  I have profound hearing loss in my right ear (which happened in stages over a 2 year period- I went from normal hearing to a "dead ear") and moderate hearing loss in my left.  Do not purchase a hearing aid at Miracle Ear.


I had to have surgery on my left ear because I had a long-term perforated ear drum which needed to be replaced, a cholesteatoma, and had to have my inner ear bones (which had been eaten away by the cholesteatoma) replaced with titanium.  This did not help my hearing at all, and I will need to have my ear drum replaced again because my new graft failed.  The cause of the hearing loss in my right ear is unknown, but it could be auto immune inner ear disease.  Someone at Miracle Ear will not be able to diagnose or fix your hearing problems.  


When I still had some hearing in my right ear, I did get a behind-the-ear hearing aid.  It was about $1800 (Seimens brand, purchased from a hospital hearing aid dispensary).  I was able to pay 1/2 up front and pay the rest on an installment plan.  


Because of the type of hearing loss I have now, my hearing aid is no good for me anymore.  It sits in my jewelry box, mocking me!  :-)  It may be possible to have a mold made for my left ear, but I'm at an increased risk for infections because of the perfed eardrum.  So, most audiologists do not endorse using a hearing aid with a perfed ear drum.


My hearing is so bad, we were able to talk my insurance company to pay for a BAHA from Cochlear.  I actually have a titanium implant that I hook a sound processor to that allows me to hear through bone conduction (on the left), bypassing my damaged middle ear.  (http://products.cochlearamericas.com/baha/introduction-to-baha for more information about that.)  I just got my sound processor on 1/4.  It certainly has it's issues, but I like it so much better than my previous hearing aid.  However, a BAHA usually runs about $22-25,000.  (Yes, that's thousands.  The sound processor is like $4-5K, the rest is for surgery, etc.)  I never could have gotten it had my ENT not convinced our insurance to cover it!


I'm only 35.  I had a pretty significant hearing loss as a child, and we were able to fix it (in my right ear) for a long time, but then I started to lose my hearing in my right ear a couple of years ago.  It's really hard- I really understand.  But, it's also expensive!  Many people have been lobbying to make insurance cover hearing aids, but it's a long battle.  


Can you call ENTs in your area and ask what their cash price for a visit is?  Often, it's cheaper than the rate they charge insurance companies.  Am I right that you do not have insurance currently, correct?  


If you want to, you can pm me.  Good luck!  Hearing loss is really hard, and difficult for people to really understand unless they've had to deal with it personally.  It's so isolating.  

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