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Success with Exploratory Lap?

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Our RE's next step is an exploratory laproscopy.  We have had all the bloodwork, an HSG, SA for hubby (all normal), four cycles of Clomid and two cycles of IUI and are still not pregnant. Our RE showed us studies about women with unexplained secondary infertility and how a large percentage of the time, it's due to endometriosis that wouldn't show up on any other tests.  Has anyone had this done and had success getting pregnant?  Anyone with all normal tests leading up to it and things found during the surgery?  If you've had it done, do you think it was worth it?

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I had an exploratory lap prior to conceiving my daughter. Stage II endometriosis was found, but it wasn't a surprise as I had many of the symptoms. However, no other tests (CT, u/s) had definitively shown endo prior to the surgery, it was a diagnosis of elimination up until the lap confirmed. I started TTC six months after the lap, and ended up with a blighted ovum the first month trying. DD was conceived 3 months after that through an unstimulated (no FSH drugs, only a trigger) IUI followed by progesterone support. All in all, it was relatively easy to conceive considering my diagnosis, as many women with endo have to undergo IVF in order to get pregnant. I truly believe that the surgery made all the difference.


If you're thinking of a lap, and endo is a possibility, the skill and experience of the surgeon is extremely important. If not done carefully, the procedure can result in more scarring and will do more harm than good. Most OB/GYNs and even many REs are not necessarily qualified for this specific surgery. Your best bet is to find someone who specializes in endometriosis in particular, not just infertility. Even if it doesn't end up being endo, a specialist will leave the least amount of damage and scarring.


Also, you may want to ask about having your CA-125 levels checked. CA-125 is a cancer antigen and can help detect ovarian cancer, but for some reason women with endometriosis often (but not always) have elevated levels. That may help you make a decision as to whether or not to proceed with the surgery.


Good luck! And I'm around if you have any more question . . . .

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