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preparing prefolds for first use

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I need advice...please help smile.gif I am preparing new prefolds for the new baby, and I don't remember how to do it. I know they should be washed several times. Is this in hot water? And do I have to dry them between each wash to get full absorbancy. I think that last time around I may  have dried them after every second wash, but I can't remember for sure. And do covers need to be washed that much....I assume not?  Thanks for any help!









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I didn't even bother to wash DD's covers before using them, covers do not need prepped. 


I used the instructions on the Little-Lions website. they didn't specify washing temp, so I used warm. they said dry on hot between every wash or every other wash at the most. use a bit of detergent in the first wash or two. and do a total of 5-10 wash cycles. 

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Washing on hot will spread up the process of stripping away the plant oils and breaking in the diapers.  You can dry after every wash, but after every two washes in a row should be fine too.  The covers should only be washed once, those don't need to be broken in, just washed clean before putting on your baby. smile.gif

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