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Is this a strike?

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We started EC at around 6 months (he's 9.5 now), and we were doing really well.  We had almost no misses at all during the day, but we didn't EC at night.


A couple of weeks ago, we all got the flu, and I was extremely weak, and sometimes just let him go in his diaper.  This lasted for a few days, and now  we are  really out of tune.  I started missing his signals, and he was going in his diaper most of the time.  So I took his diper off, and we did nakey bum all day.  Still though, a few weeks later, he refused to pee in the toilet, unless I really insist and then he cries and then goes :(.  So I don't want to do that, but I don't know what to do to get back on track. Even when I know he needs to go, and I take him, he screams, and arches his back, he pulls my hair... He doesn't want to sit on the potty, and he won'th let me hold him in squatting position.  Should I just give him time?

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I had a potty strike really early on.  I backed off on pees for about a week and then re-started slowly, with just the easy catches at first (after naps, etc.) then working up to more and more.


Also, DS went through about 2 weeks (just ended) where he refused the potty (except when he had to poop thank-goodness) but would pee in the sink no problem.  Have you tried peeing DS in the sink?  I also turned on the tap as well as cue and that really worked when DS seemed resistant and I knew he had to go.  If that doesn't work I just wouldn't push it if it was me because then you just both end up frustrated and then he really won't want to participate!


Good luck!

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Yes I tried the sink the bathtub, running the tap, everything!  I guess I'll give him a break for a while...


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