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Causes of recurrent miscarriages after 2 successful pregnancies?

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I have a ds and dd who were easily conceived the first cycle trying.  We have been ttc #3 for a year now.  We got pregnant the second month trying but miscarried naturally at 5 1/2 weeks.  We then tried again for another 8 months.  During that time, I think I may have miscarried again, a chemical pregnancy, but it was not definite - just a feeling and symptoms I had that were similar to my previous miscarriage.  I ended up getting pregnant again at the end of those 8 months but at 7 weeks couldn't find the baby and by 9 weeks I was going in for a D&C due to a suspected molar pregnancy.  That was last week so I am still waiting on the pathology report to find out if it was molar or not.  


I've been trying to look up causes of recurrent early miscarriages and so many of the causes seem like they would be issues that would always have been there.  Since I've had 2 easy conceptions and pregnancies, I can't imagine those were flukes so I'm wondering what kinds of causes could there be that didn't exist before but now exist. My ds was born in 2006, dd in 2008 and we started ttc again in January 2010, so it's not like there has been a huge amount of time that has passed.  I'm also not old - 33, so I can't imagine my age would make THAT much of a difference.  I've had some bloodwork done and the only thing that wasn't good was my progesterone.  It was low, so we started taking it after ovulation.  I got pregnant the second month on it and started taking it again as soon a we got a BFP.  It was a late BFP (17dpo) so I was without the progesterone for about 4 days but I don't know if that made a difference or not. My first miscarriage was without the progesterone.  I do find it interesting though that with my 2 live births, I got a BFP on 11dpo with strong pregnancy symptoms already (so I may have tested positive even earlier, and I used a digitial, 50 sensitivity test so I could have probably gotten a BFP earlier). With my first miscarriage, it was negative until the BFP on 15dpo and with this most recent one, it was negative through 14dpo and then I got a positive on 17dpo.  I've read that late implantation correlates with a greater chance of miscarriage so I'm wondering if there is some genetic issue or something that makes the fertilized egg sort of "bad" right from the beginning. Any ideas?  

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So sorry you are going through this.  Post this question over in Pregnancy Loss  or TTC after Pregnancy Loss and you will probably get many more answers, if you have not posted it there already.   I know there are ladies there with recurrent miscarriages that would be willing to share their experiences and stories.

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Sorry for your losses. :(

We have an oddly similar history. For me it was 3 kids, no troubles, then months beyond the time I would normally concieve, then possibly a very early m/c (I never tested), then a miscarriage at 13 weeks, natural, then a molar pregnancy.


Nothing can be found in my bloodwork, though I have symptoms of things like low thyroid and pcos.  Sometimes I wonder if some of us don't just end up bearing the brunt of the bad statistics.  Statistics divide things all up evenly (like one out of four known pregnancies is miscarried).  But some of us seem to account for more of those miscarriages, while others have none. 


Wish I had some answers too.

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I am in the same situation. I had twins in 05, another son in 06, 1 miscarriage in 07 and another son in 08.... Then, From January 2010 until NOvember, had 5 miscarriages. UHG. I dont understand how I carried twins full term, and now cant carry one past 4.5 weeks. I just found out I am pregnant again and am freaking out, just waiting for *it* to happen. I am praying that this baby sticks. I want to hold anotehr baby in my arms!

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Have you all been tested for MTHFR gene issues???  I started a thread on the infertility board about it.  I was just tested after a m/c and found that I have one gene mutation which my RE says he doesn't think is our issues ( i was hoping it would be the answer to our problems), but he recommended taking one baby aspirin a day to help with it.  It is something that you can get later on in life even if you have had other children before. It causes a blood clotting issue and also supposedly issues w/ absorption of folic acid.  I was actually tested a yr or two ago for it and didn't have it then and now this yr I do test positive.  You might want to ask you Drs about that or if a baby aspirin would help.  Just a thought for you all!!! Maybe you already know this.  Good luck to you and many hug2.gif's for all your losses!!!

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Are you Rh negative? That is something that might be worth checking. Also, I have read the same studies that relate late implantation to miscarriage. That's what happened with my pregnancy, as well. Mine implanted, grew normally until 6 weeks, and then stopped growing normally. Its heartbeat kept going, very slowly, until sometime in week 9, but it never grew bigger than 6 weeks. To me, that indicates a congenital problem on the part of the embryo. And it is possible to have more than one miscarriage without having anything "wrong" with your body's ability to carry a baby. I hope you get some answers and another sweet baby to hold in your arms. But always remember that you get to spend the rest of your life holding the babies you lost in your heart. ((HUGS))

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I don't think I'm rh negative. They test that with all pregnancies, right? And I'm assuming I'd know that from my 2 living children.  I keep hoping that I just happened to get 2 bad eggs with just bad luck and that there is nothing wrong with me and/or dh and we'll be able to have another baby that we can bring home soon.  It's so hard to be hopeful.....

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