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How much does a one week old baby sleep?

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My one week old baby has started sleeping ALL THE TIME.  I have to wake him up to feed him and then he's back to sleep almost even before the feeding is done.  He'll sleep in my arms, in the bassinet, in his crib.  Anywhere really.  A few days ago this was not the case.  Between yesterday and today he has become quite the sleeper.  Is this normal?


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I think so. Mine slept almost all the time when he was that new. I held him in my arms on my boobie most of the first 2-3 weeks also. I just didn't want to put him down.
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Yes, it's normal and common for babies to be this sleepy. Two of mine were very sleepy babies, at that age. The only issue from what I know is if they're too sleepy to get enough good feeds in, or to feed energetically enough to stimulate your milk supply to come in fully.

So you'll want to watch and make sure baby is peeing and pooping regularly, has stopped losing weight and begun gaining, and that you're not seeing increased jaundice. If baby is nursing well, has begun gaining, and is pooping frequently, then you can rest assured that everything is fine. If baby is not showing signs of getting enough milk, then you'd want to work on getting more milk into baby.
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totally normal. Also just wanted to mention that you should ENJOY it while you can! My DS is 8 months now and will.not.hold.still. He even crawls in his sleep. When he was a month or so old I was able to go to the movies and he'd sleep through the whole thing, or wake once, nurse, then go back to sleep, there is no way that could happen now:) All that stuff people always say about "it goes so fast" is so true. I remember wishing that he would wake up more and couldn't wait until he got a little bigger and could "play" with us. He is so fun now but I do miss it when he'd just pass out on my chest for hours.

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Enjoy it while it lasts!

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Enjoy it while it lasts!


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Thanks ladies.  I feel much better about things.  He slept a little bit less last night than he did yesterday and the night before (but in 2 hr. intervals, so not terrible).  We've had a couple of weight checks because he had lost 10% of his birth weight before my milk came in.  Then, in 2 days he had gained 7.5 oz!!  He still seems to be eating well and he has plenty of wet and poopy diapers, so I'm going to try not to worry about it and as you all have advised me - enjoy it!

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