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Joining you ladies

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Hi there, wanted to come in an introduce myself as I plan to hang out w/ you all.  I am currently preg w/ our first due in April and have decided on an UC.  Right now I'm seeing an OB and will continue as I haven't found a MW that I love or could afford since I was all ready half way through my preg when I learned there were other options besides ob/hospital birth.  As bad as this may sound I plan to just go along w/ my OB until I go into labor and pretend to have an "oops" uc.  This of course is only if everything goes well, but so far so good. orngbiggrin.gif  I've done so much reading and am so upset at the pitocin and c/s rate (among other things) and altho my OB seems to be very naturally minded I don't like nor trust hospitals and I don't like some of their rules. (Like are IVs and denying liquids really necessary?)  eyesroll.gif I talked to my ob about delayed cord clamping and was told until the cord was clamped I wouldn't be able to hold MY baby. nono02.gif Not to mention the pp rooms were so small they made me feel claustrophobic. Deep down I FEEL that I can do this.  My dh really isn't on board w/ this right now, but after making him watch the Business of Being Born, I think it opened his eyes a little.  I've learned so much all ready and plan to hang around and learn so much more from you all and hopefully contribute some too. wave.gif

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Yay another April mama!! hola.gif

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Yeah!  April Mama here too. Welcome. Great to hear another first time mom thinking UC - I wanted to with my first but transferred.  Hopefully not this time.  

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Congratulations, both on your impending little one and your clear intelligence! winky.gif Welcome!

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Thank you ladies, I'm so glad I found this board.  And whoo hoo for us April mamas.  I'm so glad to be here and have your support and wisdom to back me up. :D

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