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Moving abroad with one year old

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Dear moms, we are considering moving abroad with our one year old son. It is because of financial considerations (job abroad). I am hesitating because I am afraid that it would hurt baby's feelings a lot. Everything he knows, our house, garden, the people...

Please let me know how your kids reacted when you were moving (abroad) or any thoughts on this subject matter are welcome. Thanks!

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We've travelled with our daughter at 3 months and at 6 months. Both times she LOVED the changes.. they are so eager to learn at that age, and a new environment has so many learning opportunities. We plan to travel much more once baby 2 is born. At 6 or so months we plan 6 months overseas.

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We moved internationally when ds was 6 months. The most important people are still there & close (yourself & dp). Babies adapt so well.

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We are living abroad and will be doing so for the forseeable future. DS was born here in the UAE and all our children wil probably be born outside of Canada. We travel a lot internationally too. I think the cultural experiences for our family are so tremendous and valuable. It is hard being away from family and the comforts and familiarness of home, but it has definitely brought DH and I closer together and I think it will make our family stronger as well.

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We are headed to Uganda for a year in May, when DD will be 13 months... I am less worried about hurting her feelings and more worried about my own sanity trying to make sure she is safe (doesn't drink contaminated water, get mosquito bites/malaria, etc). Babies are so adaptable and like the previous posters say- as long as YOU are there, it really doesn't matter.

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We moved abroad when my kids were 4 and 2.  We've been in Brazil for 3 years and will move again (this time to India) with my now 7, 5, and 1  year old.  I think the most important thing will just be setting up a home that is comfortable for you and your family.  Kids and babies thrive on routines and you will find one in your new home as well.  Of course, it takes time, but you will find a new one!  I am more worried about the flight with the 1 year old! 


We travel a lot with the kids and they do remarkably well.  I am so proud of how much my children have grown and changed by living overseas.  I find it more challenging with the baby, but I am sure she will do just as well in the end!

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Thank you all ladies for your replies, it is helpful! I guess I should instead of being doubtful be positive about the possible change. This world is a world of change, and my child is smart and beautiful and he will make the best out of every situation. Thank you all again for your input.flowersforyou.gif

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