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Very itchy Belly!

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Hi all! This is my first post in this DDC. My name is Holly and I'm due 2/15 with a baby boy. This is my second child. I have a 4 year old daughter,Eva. Anyways do any of you have an extremely itchy belly? Mine is so itchy tonight. I put lavender shea butter on it but it's still so itchy. Any other suggestions?

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palmers cocoa butter maybe?

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Thanks! I put aloe vera on it and it seemed to help a bit.

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I just put straight coconut oil on mine, it becomes so unbearable just above my pubic area

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I have some lotion I got thats meant for that. My belly hasn't been that itchy this pregnancy though luckily enough. My first pregnancy it drove me nuts, I took lotion to work with me and would go into the bathroom and lather it on just so it wouldn't drive me batty when I was trying to concentrate.

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This has just hit me too - I'm finally starting to get some stretch marks, and the place where they're happening (the lower part of my belly, I can't even see them but DH tells me they're there!) itches to the point that I want to put hydrocortisone on it.  I've got a fair amount of nerve damage there, so scratching it hurts.  Dyah!  Does slathering lotion on help?  


Exfoliating in the shower feels really, really good, and I actually didn't notice any stretch marks or itching at all until I got lazy and didn't do it for a couple weeks. I make this scrub with olive oil, and even though it really requires being rinsed from my shower since otherwise it turns the walls brown, it works WONDERFULLY.  Hoping that getting back in the habit of using it daily will help with the itchiness, because it's driving me crazy!

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Make sure you mention your itchies to your HCP, it could be PUPPP.  I had that last time.  It's not harmful, but it might make your crazy!  (I'm so paranoid about it this time.)

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