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PPD when you stop BFing?

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I have a 34 month old and a 8 month old.


For the last 4 weeks I have been in this major funk, which I assumed was the hormones going crazy as my cycle restarts.  I have been pumping around the clock since DD was born, but my milk supply is dependent on Domperidone.... and I decided to stop filling the prescription... i went from about 12 ounces a day with 5 pumpings (i got 20 with 7 pumpings), to a little less than 1 ounce with 1 nightly pumping. (I like to maintain a small supply since every now and then she likes to nurse in the AM)..... I won't go into the whole nursing thing for me, just painting the picture.....


I share this because I had all kinds of trouble with #1 right when I stopped nursing too.  My period arrived 4 weeks later like clockwork, and the mood swings were amazingly intense, so much so I was prescribed Celexa for PMDD.... but I chose not to take it and try progesterone instead with limited result.  it never occured to me it could be PPD since it was at 7 months the problems started, but here I am again... and wham.


While playing with my 8 month old before bed, it struck me that I am probably suffering from some kind of PPD, so I took a few questionaires and now it seems obvious.  I am always exhausted (despite getting great night time sleep... I have awesome night time sleepers), feel like I can;t quite access my personality if that makes sense, I have a hard time getting out of bed, am constantly irritated, and completely in a fog.  This set in just as my milk supply tanked.


Anyone ever heard of PPD being linked to weaning?  advice?

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Yes, it can happen. A big component of PPD is hormones. After giving birth, breastfeeding and weaning cause big hormonal changes.


As for advice, take care of yourself. Make sure you are eating well, drinking enough water, getting some daily movement/exercise and good rest. Just because your little ones are good sleepers doesn't mean you are having a good nights rest. Are you waking up a lot/insomnia/nightmares?


Get or read through (I used the Amazon.com 'inside the book' feature) the Post-Partum Depression for Dummies book. Tons of info there.




It will get better. Sometimes medication helps (it's helped me) but if you don't want that, therapy is important too, and, I believe, a bigger help for recovering than medication. If you can't afford therapy, google around for any post-partum support groups of even just mother support groups. Talking with other women going through something similar helps a TON.


And big big hugs. PPD is so hard. I have had bouts with depression before but NOTHING like this. It's a completely different animal and many people don't understand if they haven't btdt,



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Thanks JTA Mom.  I think it already helps to just put a word on my last month or so.... I still feel pretty bad, but I feel like having a name for it, means I can work on fixing it.


I do have some insomnia caused by some anxiety... I know this is not grounded in anything because the anxiety isn't taking hold of any issue.... just a general constant state of apprehension... and exhaustion.... and fog... and on and on....


I started with some herbs today to see if that will help, St. John's Wort, B complex, Omega and Vitamin D.  I love the idea of looking for a support group, I just moved, and don't know the Momma scene around here.  It is pretty rural, and I can't seem to find it.  My little one is napping during library story time so I can;t take the bigger one and stroller chase.... I am often at work then anyway.


Is this board usually a bit busier?  I joined mothering  around the New Year and keep posting, but this is the first thread I have started.  I was hoping to feel a bit more community.  I joined up here because I was struggling to find community in my new home....


Once again thanks for the support, it helps a lot.

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This section of the board is pretty slow moving.


The anxiety expresses itself as your mind not 'shutting down'. At least that is what my therapist told me. The racing thoughts, the inability to quiet one's mind all point to anxiety. To combat that, I was prescribed some sleeping pills. However, I don't like taking medication, so have instead used Valerian. I've used it before for sleep, and it works pretty well for me. It makes it easier to 'shut off' my mind and sleep through the night. Sleep makes a big difference.


Maybe you can go the the area section of Finding Your Tribe on mothering and post there for other moms nearby?



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