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If you could only get one book.... what would it be?

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We are transitioning now to a whole foods cooking and eating.  I want to get a book about traditional foods and something that has lots of somewhat easy recipes that we will actually eat.  



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Jamie Oliver Cook is really great!  It has homemade pasta recipes that can easily be converted to TF eating.  The recipes never specifically say use raw dairy but has lots of full fat recipes that you would use raw.  I LOVE LOVE this cookbook!  I know some of his others are good as well.  The Food Revolution is not good.  Has lots of low fat things in it.  Also The Primal Blueprint Cookbook by Mark Sisson is awesome!  I've used lots of these recipes and never been dissapointed. 

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Not a book, but I think some of the best TF recipes come from blogs. Nourishing Gourmet, Nourished Kitchen, GNOWFLINS, and tfrecipes.com are at the top of the list for me.

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I agree, I live for blogs :)  The best book I have read is Real Food by Nina Planck.  It's the book that really made sens to me, and made me believe in TF eating.


As far as blogs go, the one's I'll add to the above list are:

-Kitchen Stewardship

-Nourished Days

-The Nourishing Gourmet

-Kelly the Kitchen Kop

-Frugal Granola

-The Nourishing Cook

-Food Renegade

-The Healthy Home Economist


I know there are more I've forgotten!


I also make sure to look at any blogs that the bloggers are linking too (I've found some great ones that way!)

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I really like finding recipes on blogs too. Then I know that another busy mom made the recipe and it worked for them. The previous posters already included some of the best blogs (at least the ones I have found). Also, as far as books go, I do use Nourishing Traditions a lot. I don't like the layout much, and it is soft cover, but there are tons of recipes. 


I really like how blogs have photos though. I was recently inspired to make kimchi and preserved lemons by reading a blog--and then I found the recipes in NT.  


Real Food by Nina Planck is a definitely a good read too, though it has no recipes. I also recently read her latest "Real Food for Mother and Baby" which is a succinct, helpful book, especially for people who are not familiar with a traditional foods diet.

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I have been digging this one lately... plus the author is local to me and I just love Nikki McClure's art whom is also local to me!




The Nourishing Traditions is what really taught us about real food.  I consider myself a half ass user of the book... some of the things I cannot stomach!




Ok.... so there are 2... Can't have just one I guess!

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I agree with the last two members, try Nourishing Traditions!  This book is a whole new approach to food that is inspiring.  Delicious recipes and a mindful presentation.  I use my NT book often and have for years!  .

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I also highly recommend Full Moon Feast by Jessica Prentice! http://www.amazon.com/Full-Moon-Feast-Hunger-Connection/dp/1933392002

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Full Moon Feast

Anything Jamie Oliver

...except ignore all the gluten containing recipes ;-)

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