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June 10' mommas -- lets see those babes!

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Anyone June mommas? I'm practically in the July thread (Wyatt was born on the 30th) but I think we need our own thread (again?) 


How are the babes doing? 


Wy is sitting up unassisted and loving being able to grab all his toys. He loves the cloth tag ball, wooden spoons, and jar tops : ) He's also in the highchair for the first time, and he got some yummy sweet potatoes to try and loved them, but he's not eating regularly by any means. When he's not sitting up he likes to do tummy time and swirl around the rug. 


Sleep wise he's not doing that great with as many as 8 wake ups a night. During the day he takes 2-3 naps ranging from 20 minutes to an hour (two if I'm REALLY lucky, like freakishly lucky..) He's got two teeth with a third popping in and teething stinks, but we are managing. And he loves taking baths with his sister : ) 


Here he in his bouncy thing on Christmas



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NO June mommas! Really? 

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 Well, I was in the June DDC but my babe was born in May by a surprise! C-section. Over three weeks early. I feel like she was supposed to be born in June, and think of her as a Gemini.

Can I  join you? She's definitely more on track for a June babe.

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I'm in the July thread because Daniel was born on July 5th but I was due June 19th so I hung out in the June DDC. Daniel is getting up on hands and knees and thinking about crawling, but he's not quite there yet. Much to the surprise of my AP tendancies, Daniel loves walks in his stroller and doesn't really love being worn. He loves to eat anything on a spoon. He eats three meals a day. I make my own purees and feeding time is honestly my most favorite time of the day. I love interacting with him and seeing his giggles whenever he sees the spoon. He's so adorable and I just love him so much. He wakes up once a night usually. He's a pretty decent sleeper by AP standards but not by my friends' standards. It's hard knowing that all of my friends have babies who go to be at 8 and don't wake up until 8 the next morning. I know they all let their babies CIO and that's not something my husband and I are comfortable with, but its hard to resist some nights because I think longingly about a full 8 hours of sleep.



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Luna was born on June 12th. She has decided that she would rather pull her self up and stand, rather than crawl. She is so daring, I can't turn my back for a second!


Sleep is horrible! She tosses and turns all night long and wants to nurse all night long. I am so sleep deprived.


She eats a little bit, but really isn't interested. No teeth yet either!

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Ooh! I want to play! How do I post a photo in the thread?


Your babies are SO cute!!!


Keaton is sitting up really well and almost crawling! He can scootch all over the rug and just started getting up on his hands and knees and rocking. Bottom teeth are almost in. He loves eating food, but it's not agreeing with his belly - so we'll continue nursing and try again in a few weeks. Lately he started napping solo (before I had to lay with him) - and will do 20 minutes or 2 hrs - never can tell! He'll do a 4 hr stretch in the beginning of the nite and then every 2 hrs - which is not ideal but it's what I expect.


I love him so much it's insane. His little giggle just totally wrecks me. His big sister is awesome and loves taking care of him. Things are good - I'm tired all the time, but good.

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I am loving these updates!  DS is sitting, rolling, pushing off of his feet, grabbing for everything, and laughing lots at his big sister.  He is still EBF and spends his days wrapped in a Storche on my back or hanging out on his sheepskin or in a Maya Wrap or Ergo on his dad, and his nights cuddled up and latched on (most of the time).  He is happy, happy after a colic-y start and his personality is really shining through.  I can't believe how much I love this guy!

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 Love this! Cute babes!!


Emily is sitting up like a champ but no crawling yet.  I thought I saw her get up on all fours and "rock"...but I am not sure..lol 


She takes 3 naps.  They are each 30mins long to the minute! I usually nurse her to sleep and then sneak out of room. She will sleep longer if my hubby holds her while napping (up to an hour and half).  We only hold her if we have to go somewhere and we know she NEEDs a long nap.


Her bedtime is 7pm and she usually sleeps through until around midnight.  I go up to feed her and she eats and falls right back to sleep.  She usually wakes up again around 4ish and then sleeps until 7am.


She used to sleep 10hours straight when she was 12weeks old until she hit about 4months old...oh, how I miss those sleeping days. :)


She has 2 bottom teeth and they are so cute!! She is a pretty easy teether..so far.  We use Borion Camilia and an amber teething necklace!!!  Camilia is the best stuff ever!!!!!



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I was a June momma but Stella came on July 4th!  She's a sweet babe but I will admit I've had some growing pains going from two fairly independent little ones to the baby stage all over again!  I think it is particularly noticeable because we travel A LOT and that is super different with a babe.  Nevertheless, she's a sweet thing.  She's almost sitting unassisted, but spends most of her time crawling everywhere.  She goes from crawling to kind of side sitting, but not all the way up yet.  She wants to go all the time!  The excersaucer is no longer fun since she feels stuck when she's not crawling.  Nothing is safe now!


I went back to work on Friday.  It was a glorious 6.5 months!  I have a wonderful nanny that has been with me since Stella was born so the transition has been relatively painless.


She's not really that into eating-nursing or solids.  It has been a bit rough.  I never struggled with low supply until my third and my other two were nursed until age 2.  I am hoping to make it a year with Stella!  The only time she nurses contentedly is at night so I rarely get more than two hours of sleep.  Most days I feel a bit crazy from it all!  I am hoping at some point to at least hit three hours :)


All in all things are going well.  I can't believe she's over six months old at this point!Winter 2010 127.jpg

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Yay a June thread!


My boy is doing well. He'll be seven months old tomorrow! S is really ahead physically. He's doing hands and knees crawling with speed and has been pulling himself to standing for about six weeks or so. He even will cruise very slowly at times. His other development seems pretty average. He just started to say "ba ba," and only sometimes looks when you call his name. He's pretty much at the "grab the object and wap the floor with it" stage. He doesn't have much in the way of fine motor skills. It's all about gross motor over here. LOL, but I'm sure it will happen.


He's still nursing, probably 5X on days when I work and 7-8X on weekends and holidays. He eats a TON of solids, but that's to be expected. I started early with purees. My bf goals are just until a year, then I plan to nightwean and introduce cow's milk, so I'm totally fine with it. We're thinking about TTC in the fall, so I plan to gradually wean at just past a year, maybe by about 14 months.


Sleepwise, he's not great, but it could be worse. Teething has thrown it all for a loop. However, on a good night, he's at about two wake-ups, 5-7 hour stretches. We don't cosleep and my hubby and I split the night for now.

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Anyone doing BLW? If so, I would love to hear what you little one has tired and liked.  I am always looking for something new to introduce.


So far we've tried avocado, sweet potato, melon, orange, apple, fideo, banana...

She likes all of them but enjoys the avocado the most.



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hi june mammas!

your kids are adorable!

my second daughter, Macy was born June 22 (due june 13th). I am loving her giggles these days, she is quite a happy girl. she can sit but often topples so i sit behind her on the floor. a bit of inching on the tummy. i've been doing BLW but not really food regularly yet. squash, apples, bananas, cucumber, avocado, carrots. she is getting the hang of it, can 'chew' off some food and swallow it now. she has two bottom teeth. her favorite thing is watching her sister.

sleep has been improving. a month ago her naps magically lengethned from 30/45 mins to 1.5 hrs in the am. then usually two more 45 min. i am trying to decrease the night feeds. this week has been great, feed at 10:30/11 then up 2ish for a very short feed on the side she doesn't like, then up 1-2 hrs later and can be soothed back to sleep without nursing. then she's up 5:30/6 for a full feed and sleeps until 7:15 when her sister wakes us up. i am trying to adapt her tummy to less milk at night so she's take in the calories during the day. i am working towards night weaning from 11-7 (long term goal!).


i am trying to figure out how to give her a bath with her 3 year old sister, there is only one bath seat that is allowed for sale in canada and it doesn't fit my tub. ideas?  


she has had some eczema but it has cleared up.


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Blessed - your daughter was born on my birthday! 


We are trying BLW but Wyatt is not really interested in food. I normally smash up something to put on his little spoon and he "feeds" himself, because otherwise it's like force feeding him and he just sits there and clamps his mouth and smirks at me. 


Jese - I normally just sit Wyatt in the tub next to his sister and that's fine. I am right there so if he lurches to the side (he sits up unassisted) I can grab him, but otherwise he just sits and splashes for a bit and loves it! I've tried a few tubs and he didn't enjoy any of them so we showered with him, and so this is exciting for all of us! 

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My baby boy was born June 23 and is not an easy one (even my husband, who knows a thing about babies, says he is "a bit hyper").  He still gets very frustrated 50X a day, but he smiles and laughs all the time now, so that is fun.  He loves kisses (he'll even give them), but isn't much of a cuddler.  When his hands aren't in his mouth or holding a toy in his mouth, he does love to clap. 

He is very active - always flailing around which drives me crazy.  He's been trying to stand/walk since he was born.  He sits now (though you have to watch him) and has been at that almost crawling stage for about a months (on all fours rocking back and forth) but can't figure it out because he tries to stand up instead and then starts spitting in frustration (he literally spits or straightens out his arms and yells “ugg” like the hulk).  When he figures it out, I think we'll all be a lot happier - he really just wants to be able to GO GO GO.

He loves being outside and always has.  He is very calm outside - like a different baby.  But he'll only stay in a stroller or sling for about ten minutes.  He wants carried and wants his limbs free.

Toys are always in his mouth, so no banging or playing. His favorite toys are plastic bags (which I take from him)  and spoons of any kind. He does like flashin,g noisy toys and books (they taste good I guess, ha ha).

Nursing was terrible. It took us  weeks to figure it out (he wouldn't latch and then, once he started latching, had an inefficient suck and so would nurse for 10 hours a day).  We are doing fine on that score now but eating solids is going slowly.  For about a month, we've fed him pureed veggies.  He likes the ritual of it (prob. because it involves a spoon) but will only eat about 3 spoonfulls and sort of gags on it - though he has to like it because he'll smile and open his mouth for another bite.  No teeth yet though he's been teething for 4 months.

Sleep is what it is.  He gets 11 -13 total.  Knows the difference between night and day.  Wakes 5-11 times but goes right back to sleep after nursing 5 minutes.  Naps, 2-3 a day, are 30 min to 1 1/2 but mostly about 45 minutes. 

He is beautifull.  Even as a newborn.  Not sure how two rather laid back (very laid back in my husband’s case) average-looking people made this highstrung, amazing-looking baby.  It’s a mystery of genetics. 

It took a while, but I am enjoying him as he is and not still just wishing he would just calm down and be a “normal” baby.  Nonetheless, my fingers are crossed he gets more comfortable in his own skin  in the next few months. 

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It's so good to see the June babies!  orngbiggrin.gif  Ian was born June 15th, it's gone so fast.  He started crawling a little over 2 months ago and is cruising now, whatever he can do to get into his big brother and sisters' toys.  He just started getting interested in solids a little after 7 months, and once he was interested he decided they were great! 


For baths I have a small reclining seat I used when he was an infant, he just sits upright in it now and takes a bath with either DD2 or both DD1 and DD2.


I haven't posted a pic with the new board format yet, let me try it and hopefully it doesn't come out huge or anything.  This was a snapshot after dinner the other day, he was playing with a handful of spaghetti noodles to keep him happy while I cleaned up the kitchen.  (He's already had 2 haircuts, it's just been over a month since his last one.)




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I love the noodle on the head picture!! :)


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Grant was born June 22 and it has been so far life with a babe has been great. He is quite easy going and we spend the days making eachother laugh. He has been drooling since he was about 2 months old but still has no teeth. He just started to become interested in solids but definitely loves the sweet tasting foods more than the bitter. He is experimenting with crawling and moving and loves to hold our hands and walk around the house. He slept between us in our double bed until he was 6 months old and easily went to sleeping in his crib in his own room. It was difficult for me to get used to but we all sleep better. He'll sleep from 9-6 most nights and will come in our bed, nurse, and sleep until 7 or 8 am. I am trying to transition him to taking naps in his crib now that he's more mobile. I'm worried that he'll roll or crawl out of our bed. For those of you who have your babe nap in your bed, how to do make it safe?morning exercise4.JPG

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I love the noodle pic! I have a little series I want to do of Wyatt holding/playing/gnawing on real people food. It looks so funny 

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Not sure what we are going to do when she gets mobile.  I think she will be crawling any day now. 

I think we are going to use a floor bed perhaps.  I nurse her to sleep and she usually falls asleep within 10minutes..so nursing to sleep isn't a problem for us.  But if we use the crib nursing to sleep will probably become a problem.


I think we are just going to baby proof the her room and use a floor bed.  Not sure though.  I would love to hear everyone else ideas.

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