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One of my long term goals is to become a midwife. I've felt a calling ever since I read spiritual midwifery when I was a pregnant teenager. I lived in England at the time & there were no direct entry midwifery courses. You had to do nursing first, which put me off bigtime. then there was also the issue of women losing babies. I was not sure how I would handle that. Now 17 years on down the track I'm in New zealand, I found out you can do direct entry midwifery here & I have lost 2 of my own babies so I have faced it myself. I want to wait until Saffron is a bit older since she is only 13 months now. 
I have so many questions in my mind. Anyone out there studying midwifery or wanting to study midwifery ? How do you find it with your kids ? How do they cope with you possibly disappearing in the middle of the night for an unknown amount of time ?