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We are taking a train out of Saint Louis Friday at 4 am. We were supposed to ride with a friend but her car broke down and now we have no ride to the train. The buses do not run that early in the morning so bus is not an option. It looks like I have no choice but to take a cab but I have a two year old and do not want her to ride in a car without a car seat. Has anyone had luck with a cab company providing a car seat? I have tried in the past and once they showed up without a seat and the second time they showed up with a booster seat meant for a much older child (my daughter was ONE at the time).


I cannot take her car seat with us on this trip. So our only options are getting a ride from someone we know who can later return the seat or take a cab that provides a seat. The road conditions will likely be bad Friday morning because of the snow and ice coming this way.


So any cab company recommendations? I will never again trust a company that says they provide seats. I would also prefer one that does the install before they are there because I don't like the idea of installing a car seat in the cold in the dark without a manual.


I am assuming this does not exist but have to ask.