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Finally Switched HCP To A Midwife. A Bit Excited AND Nervous - First Time With A Midwife

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As of today I finally switched to my midwife from the old HCP (family prac). The change was mostly due to a move, but my old doctor said some loopy stuff too.


Anyway, this is my first time trying out midwives, but I really like what I've heard and read about them. We have one that will deliver at a hospital in the event that something should go awry with the hospital here in town not a prenatal care facility it's too risky not to do a hospital birth IMO.


Anyway, I'm hoping she has some good non medicinal ideas to keep the infections away other than what the other doctors have done (antibiotic after antibiotic) I'm on my fourth type of antibiotic this pregnancy when I would suffer in pain to avoid taking the much safer Tylenol.


The staff there were super nice, so here's hoping she is as well. :) I knew someone that traveled 80 miles round trip each apt to see this midwife, and that, to me says a lot.


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It should be good. I just had my first midwife appt. ever on Monday and it turned out pretty well. I definitely feel more comfortable around a midwife over an OBGYN. 

So, yey for you. biggrinbounce.gif

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I'm glad to hear you feel more comfy with the midwife. They seem to be more personal, and that's got to help in the comfort factor. :) I think most of all it's the change and the unknown that I'm a bit reserved on. I'm anxious to see how it goes, that's for sure and very glad I was able to get into her being that I was at 24 weeks when I switched over to her care. (Which I see you are also at 24 weeks. :) We must be due about the same time.)


I will say I felt really comfy talking to her staff, more so than the other doctor. I'm hoping that's a good sign of what's to come when I meet her. I'm also hoping to break this antibiotic trend I've been having to deal with between my doctor and other doctors I've been seeing in the er these last couple months when out of town or between HCP's.


One of the reasons we decided to go the midwife route was that they are more homeopathic oriented and none of us are thrilled about all the meds I've been put on. (Yes, they are needed, but I can't help but to think there's other ways.)

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That's nice. I'm assuming you managed to get a homebirth midwife then. I wish I could afford one of those. I prefer natural remedies and homeopathics myself but hospital midwives are limited to just the same stuff as the OB, only the midwife I saw was very interested in helping me with my skin problems and decided to do a test to check if I may be hypothyroid, which no other care provider has ever bothered with. Most other care providers have avoided doing anything extra. That much impressed me. She put my due date wrong but I'll work that out with her next time. I consider my due date to be May 10th, but she did the average woman thing but was even a day off with that when I compared it to a previous thing. If I were the average woman, I should have a due date of May 8th. But, I know the date of conception. Hopefully, she'll take what I have to say into consideration. We'll see.


That many antibiotics for that long would not be good. It could cause some serious candida overgrowth. You should definitely get on some good probiotics once you see your midwife.

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No, I didn't want a home birth midwife. I live 25 miles from a hospital that does prenatal care, and at home if something should happen there's a lot of risk when I'd have to be transported in the midst of delivering at that distance. We got a hospital birth midwife and I made sure she'd do hospital birth before signing under her care.


I do hope you can get the due date settled because that does make a difference. Even if you don't you can just mentally and physically be prepared for it to happen sooner (which by rights we should anyway as babies can come both early and late) They said May 12 for me, my other doctor said May 11. Eh, same difference pretty much. I think she's coming a bit early anyway, but we will see.


Yes, I've already had 2 yeast infections as a result of the antibiotics and can't quite remember what it feels like to not have pelvic pain when getting up and rolling over in bed due to the infections. Funny thing is I only had 1 yeast infection before this pregnancy in my life with my son and no uti's in my life until now (had 3 now) I'm having a yogurt a day now just to hopefully combat what this antibiotic I'm on now might do to my system. As a rule, I seem to get rid of one, then get the other. Maybe a few weeks in between clear, then it starts all over again. I know the baths are doing it, and there's nothing that can be done about that until the shower comes in from the plumbers. :(


I hope she'll have some 'damage control' methods I can use beyond water and yogurt, which I'm trying to be pretty up on right now.

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Let us know how the visit goes!  And congrats on switching to midwifery care.  I hope you find your midwife to be nurturing, receptive, calm, and mother-friendly!

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