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I know this thread should probably be under raw foods but I figured since its a local question I would plant it here. Anyone in the RI or Mass area growing scobies for kombucha? And would be willing to share? My hubby and I used to make our own kombucha but recently moved and our scobie didn't make it. I would be happy to purchase one or even better, trade back some yummy kombucha once its made. Thanks!
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I don't have scobies but I do have milk kefir grains if that interests you....

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Yes! We tried our hand at that but were not as successful, but I would love to try it out again. Do you mind to PM me and we could work something out for a pick up? 

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i have more SCOBYs than i know what to do with.  feel free to pm me, we're in cranston.  :)

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Thanks again for the scoby. I am so excited to start brewing again. It was great to meet you. You have a beautiful family and home!

I will let you know how the final product turns out. :)

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oh thanks, it was lovely to meet you too!  :D   i hope the scoby works out for you! 

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How long do they last in the fridge? Mine are in glass and immersed in brewed kombucha tea... but they've been there for months. Are they ok if they look & smell normal?

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joyrises, brew some sweet tea and try it out!!  i bet the culture is still active, just dormant.  i have a scoby that has survived at least 3 months of refrigerator time with no refresher and been just fine.  the worst that can happen is you will have to throw out some tea.  it's pretty low-risk :)

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good point- thanks! :)

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I have a couple of healthy SCOBYs. Am on North Shore (Lynn) if anyone is interested :)


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