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Pelvic Pressure in Twin Pregnancy?

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I figured this was best posted here, rather than in the general forum- I'm hoping you guys can set my mind at ease!


I'm 28+5 today. Last U/S (27+5) at had babies transverse and both weighing about 2 lbs 11oz, which the doc said is slightly above average for twins. Since yesterday I have been feeling tremendous pelvic pressure. Don't know if I'd describe it as "painful" but it's damn sure uncomfortable! Is this normal at this stage in the game?  Every time I sit on the toilet I'm paranoid that my water will break or something. (No BH CTX or anything). Thanks ladies!



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Is your back aching? How do you feel generally? I'm 28w3d and I've been fighting off pre-term labor for 7 weeks now. As I listen to my body, I'm learning that that pressure is one of the first signs that I need to lie absolutely down, not even propped up at all, and then if it continues it's time for a terbutaline pill. It's not fun for sure. :(

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I'm feeling pretty well- just really tired, and anytime I walk the pressure increases.  No strange back aches- other than the normal "I'm carrying all this weight around and my lower back hurts" type pain. Babies are moving a lot, and I've got no other symptoms of PTL, but I find it hard to believe that they "dropped" because I've still got heartburn from hell!


It really sucks that you've been struggling with PTL- what other symptoms did you have? Are you dilated or effaced at all yet?

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Hopefully for you it's just the weight of two babies, then! :)


I started out really early on getting a rock hard belly whenever I was up on my feet. At that point they were just saying my uterus was irritable. It's progressed to actual contractions that had me 50% effaced a couple of weeks ago, but as of last week that had corrected a bit. As things progressed to actual preterm labor, my symptoms were pelvic pressure, aching back (more than just tired from carrying twins. I wish I could describe the difference), some diarrhea, sore upper legs, and the last week or two, contractions that I have to breathe through. The reason I count all of these as symptoms is that terbutaline takes them away.


Good luck! Like I said, I hope it turns out to be general discomfort of twin pregnancy for you. It sounds to me like it probably is. :)

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Have you checked in with your doctor?


Pressure can be the only sign of early pre-term labour. For a couple of my friends, it was. My care provider told me that she wanted me to be safe rather than sorry and wanted me checked out if I had pelvic pressure.  If I were you, I would at least call and see if my doctor wanted to see me. If it is PTL, you want to try and stop it and sooner is better.  And, if it isn't PTL, you will be able to stop worrying.


Another cause of pelvic pain is symphysis pubis dysfuntion. I had it and it is not a risk factor to you or the babies, it just hurts.  Mine used to be worse when I changed positions - from lying to standing was the worst.

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Thanks ladies. It seems to have subsided. I did more walking than I'm used to that day, and I think it may have been a bit of SPD, which I had earlier on this pregnancy. If it happens again, or I feel any ctx I'll definitely call. Better safe than sorry!

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Glad to hear it has subsided. 

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Glad to hear it got better.  I get it on and off pretty frequently and also the pelvic pain. If I feel pretty constant cervical pressure, though, I'm laying down ASAP and calling the midwife if it doesn't go away.


Have you had any cervical length checks lately? I always feel better knowing that all the "labor action" I have isn't changing my cervix.  At ALL. (Turns out I have a freakish cervix of steel.)

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