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Finally! Ian's birth story!

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Ian Samuel’s birth


As I sit here holding my sweet, sleeping baby I cannot believe 9 weeks has passed since his arrival into this world. I figured I better get his birth story written before I forget too much! So, here goes--

November 16th I am 10 days passed my “due date” which I was careful to find the EXACT date so that I would not go over again and have to be induced like with Liam… We had an appointment to see Nancy, she was so encouraging, urging me to trust my body and telling me that I WOULD go into labor. She checked my cervix, I was 2-3 cm. She had a “talk” with my cervix (did a little stretch and pressed some pressure points) hoping to set up labor for the next day. We left refreshed and hopeful. J I had lots of cramping and contractions but they did not bring on labor.

November 17th, 11 days passed EDD, and we had another appointment with Nancy. She checked me and my cervix was now 4-5 cm’s! All of those contractions had done some work! We decided to do the “birth drink” that afternoon to bring on labor.

2:00 pm- Aaron comes home from dropping off Liam and I drink the birth drink. We get our room set up for labor/birth and then lay down for a nap. Of course I couldn’t sleep.. At 2:30 my contractions start coming at 2 minute intervals, though not painful. I give Nancy a call to let her know the drink has begun to do its work. She tells us to wait until she is on her way before we go for our walk because she is worried my labor will be too fast and she will miss it.

3:30 pm- we go for a brisk walk around the neighborhood, contractions still coming, but just tight and uncomfortable and not painful. All of our neighbors are out greeting their kids off of the school bus and they want to know when our baby is coming….

4:00 pm- we arrive back home and Nancy is there to greet us. Julie arrives shortly after. Nancy checks me and I am 5-6 cm’s! My contractions had pretty much stopped so Nancy suggested I walk around the house a bit. Nancy sets up all of her equipment, and in my mind I keep thinking “she’s going to be here all night if I haven’t even STARTED labor yet.. My labor with Liam was 17 hours…”

4:30 pm- Still no “real” contractions, so Nancy has me “rest” in a position to try and get Ian to move to my left side. I am on the ball leaning over pillows on the couch. Just trying to relax and breathe and meditate on my body going into labor….

Then it begins.. I have a few “real” contractions in a row, then a short break. Julie rubs my hair while Aaron gently scratches my back. I have a few more contractions that I need to vocalize through, things are finally moving along! I get up to use the bathroom, and have some REALLY intense contractions while sitting on the toilet. I joked that “I changed my mind! I want the epidural!”

After that we moved into the bedroom. I stood up, leaning on Aaron, through the contractions. I would get a few in a row, then a long break, then a few more, etc…. I kept saying I thought I needed to poop. They began filling up the tub, and I was anxious to get in, even though I knew I hadn’t been laboring very long yet.

5:30 pm- I am in the tub. It doesn’t really help the contractions, but I am able to relax between the contractions. I am having a hard time being comfortable, I feel like I need to squat.

6:00 pm- I’ve had enough of the tub so I get out. I feel really queasy and keep thinking I’m going to throw up. I try the birth stool but it feels awful, my legs are much too short. I try the ball again and it is not comfortable either. Finally I settle in a hands-and-knees position leaning over the ball.

6:18 pm- I start feeling the urge to push.. Nancy says to wait until I can’t help it because he is a big baby. A few minutes later, I can’t help it, my body starts pushing. I feel Ian move into position inside me (that was so cool!). The pain is really intense, I am dreading each contraction.

6:28 pm- Nancy recommends trying the birth stool again, or moving more upright so that I can catch my baby. I am in too much pain, I can’t move….

6:30 pm- a few more pushes and HE’S HERE!!

Ian Samuel Eastwood- born on Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 at 6:30 pm in our home. He weighed 9 lbs even and was 21 inches long. His skin was rosy and he had almost no hair! Just a little bit of blonde peach fuzz. He was beautiful.



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Wow, sounds almost ideal! What was the birth drink that your midwife offered you? Castor oil?

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it did have castor oil, and verbena oil, you mix in champagne... it was pretty gross ;)

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Beautiful!  I'm glad you finally got around to writing it! love.gif

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I still have to write Nicholas'...yet another thing to do!

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Wonderful birth story, Catie! Thanks for sharing! smile.gif
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