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Leg cramps

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I woke up at 3 AM this morning, with cramps in both of my legs. Ouch, they hurt! One of my legs is still sore today. I've never had them before in my two previous pregnancies, so it kind of took me by surprise. So -  I need magnesium right? Potassium rich foods? Relaxing the legs when the cramps come, and pointing toes upwards? Yoga before bed? Anything else you know of?

I am not ready to be disturbed at night just yet... ;)

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I had this with my last pregnancy and truthfully just eating a banana a day kept them away.

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I was starting to get these and my chiro (who is also a ND) suggested that I take these calcium-magnesium supplements.  Apparently, calcium facilitates the absorption of the magnesium. They're horse pills, but they work!  I started taking them last week and my legs are better already.  Actually, all of the muscles in my body feel less crampy and tight which is a really good thing.

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That's a bit crazy - I did take calsium magnesium powder up until a week ago, but then we were on a holiday and I didn't bring the powder. Ate lots of bananas, though. I'll run to my powder NOW! :)

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You're on the right track with making sure you have enough potassium in your diet.  You could try a handful of nuts to add in some magnesium.  Calcium can make a difference for some.


I notice I get more leg cramps when I get more swelling in my legs so as long as I wear my support hose at work, I'm good.

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Originally Posted by mclisa View Post

I notice I get more leg cramps when I get more swelling in my legs so as long as I wear my support hose at work, I'm good.

You know - I was in a warm place for my vacation - so more swelling! And then I took  a flight for 6 hours, so poor circulation. I guess I was asking for it... ;)

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Oh I got leg cramps out of the blue yesterday afternoon... it was awful and excruciatingly painful. When I was finally able to stand, I took two magnesium supplement tablets, and the cramps went away almost instantly. It was a bizarre experience.

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I just want to add my testimonial of the amazingness of a magnesium supplement.  I started taking one 500mg tablet a day with my prenatal vitamin when I had horrible eye twitches that wouldn't stop.  After about 1 month on the magnesium the eye twitches stopped.  Now that I've been on vacation for 5 days and have forgotten my magnesium all 5 days I suddenly and horribly got cramps in my feet and legs.  I can feel that they're going to start so I just flex in the opposite direction of whichever way I was moving my leg when the cramp started.  I am going to be getting some more magnesium to get me through this trip, but just eating the magnesium rich foods for me didn't do it...had to have the supplement to get the results.  I had horrible cramps through my first and second pregnancies and now the only time this 3rd time I've had the cramps while forgetting the supplements.  It seems like it does take a while to build up in my body though.  Good luck.  Those are killer and caused me so much anxiety at night dreading when they'd start!


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I take a good amt of calcium and magnesium (1:1 ratio) due to iritable uterus and eat a banana with PB every day and still get leg or foot cramps.  Not everyday, thankfully.  Maybe I need to up the mag a bit?

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