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Want to Wean, Need some Help

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Hello everyone,


I have a 14 month old son who I wish to wean.  I am mentally exhausted by it and don’t want to continue any longer. 


I have a dd whom I weaned without needing any help…her personality is much more laid back and even though I didn’t know it then, she just rolls with the punches so she never had a strong reaction to the weaning.


My son is a very different story.  I WOH and as soon as I get home, he’s raring to go and will try his best to force me to nurse him; he’s a big boy and almost wrestled his way to the nipple.  He’ll nurse once and then go play and then later, as he gets sleepier he’ll nurse again that evening.  Usually his dad will rock him to sleep so I don’t usually nurse him down, but if he ever wakes in the middle of the night, he’s used to nursing.  Typically in a night, after he’s already been laid down for the night, he’ll nurse about 2-3 times depending on how well he’s sleeping.  On a good night, he’ll nurse once.  On a bad one, if he’s sick or something, he might wake anywhere from 2-5 times to nurse.  He doesn’t EVER let me rock him to sleep without nursing.  He will let DH but it takes a lot longer.  I have some guilt about making DH do the rocking b/c he has to wake up at 5 am and we don’t usually even hit the sack until at least 11 pm but what else can we do? 


For the record, we all co-sleep (yes, we bought a king sized bed so all four of us could fit).  At some point, I’d like to transition my two to their own beds, together in their room but that’s later.


My main question is how gradual should the weaning process for us be since he is already used to a sippy cup during the day and only nurses maybe 5 times total per evening.  Should I just go cold turkey (I think I did that with dd and she didn’t object, but like I said, very diff child)? Or should I cut out 3 out of 5 at first and pump a little off if I get too full?  There will be screaming and gnashing of teeth but I’m sure I can handle it if DH can. 


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I wouldn't go cold turkey but I'd make it pretty predictable.  That worked best for mine, anyway (forget the whole 'distraction', 'don't offer/don't refuse' thing!).  Maybe start by nightweaning or start by eliminating before bed or something.  But just make it so that you can confidently say "not now - we'll nurse ___" and stick to it no matter what.  

Then you can eliminate the rest of the sessions week by week.  


That's what I did anyway and it worked pretty good.  Not tear free but they adjust quickly.  GL!

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