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Primary Care Doctors in Louisville, Ky

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Hey Ladies,

I'm looking for a primary care doctor for myself in Louisville.  I don't really know anyone in town who could give me a good recommendation. I've been looking at doctors on the insurance website (United Health Care) and it seems like I'd just be pulling a name out of the hat.  I'd prefer a D.O. or an M.D. who would look at me as a whole person and not make assumptions on me just because I'm overweight.  I'm generally healthy but like to have a someone I can see when the occasional strep throat or something shows up. (I had to go to one of those walgreens clinics and spent way more than I would have if just going to the doctor's office... and I don't want that to happen again)


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nothing? greensad.gif

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OP, I know a great FP in Bardstown, but when I lived in Louisville, I never went to the doctor (short of Planned Parenthood for OBGYN stuff). I would probably frequent the bulletin boards at places like Mama's Hip, Whole Foods, Rainbow Blossom, and check the Louisville Green Guide. Someone at one of those places has to have an awesome doctor. Who is your ped? You could ask him/her to recommend a PC doc for you if you feel like they have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for.
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Thanks, Holly.  I'm fairly healthy but every once in awhile I will get strep throat that won't go away on it's own.  (And untreated strep throat can lead to other problems that I don't want to deal with) Plus, I'm unsure of half of my family's medical history and should probably see about getting things checked out before I have kids. I don't have children yet so I don't have a recommendation from a ped. (I'm currently in a long distance relationship and waiting for my DP to get a clue and pop the question praying.gif)  

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I found that as soon as I start talking about babies all the time, and how things will be when "we" have a baby, ect. he got a clue really fast ! Good luck with that one.
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We've been talking babies for a year!  He's not going to ask until he can find a job here, I find a job in his town, or we both find jobs in a new town.  

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What type of fields do you all work in?
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He is currently doing graphic design, photography, and film work for a company in PA.  I'm a Children and Youth Pastor.  He could technically do free-lance work but he's worried about financial security.  He also knows I want to be a stay at home mom when children come into the picture.  But he's a great guy and we are still young (mid-twenties)... as long as he knows my baby clock is starting to tick really loudly in my ear, I don't mind waiting too much longer!

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Highland family medicine, Dr. Busse, I think is her name, she did a fellowship in something involving herbal supplements I think, but she really does treat you as a whole person.  She's about to have a baby though, so I don't know how long she will be there this summer, or how long she is taking off.

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oh I think I know where that is located!  Thanks!  I had a friend who lived in the city mention this practice to me today.  I think I'll call and see if I can get an appointment.  I haven't had a basic physical in a very long time so I'll do that and then be in the system in case I get strep throat again or poison ivy (I have bad allergic reactions to the stupid stuff).  Insurance wise... it is much cheaper to go this route than to do urgent care or the places in krogers or the drug stores for these things.

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Def much cheaper, my DH  just had to go see her, and I'm so thankful not to support those walk-in places.  I found them through the attachment parenting group on yahoo

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