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I need suggestions of flexible shoes/socks that are good for a non-walker. I wouldn't normally put a non-walker in shoes at all, but I need something warmer than socks and that he can't easily pull off -- it's much too cold to be barefoot!

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We use Robeez, Bobux, and the knockoffs of both. They're very soft and comfy, and I use them solely to keep Cecilia's socks on!

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Yep, what Aimee said! This is the second kid I've had in those types of shoes, and they're great for keeping socks on. 


Also, I love the Hanna Andersson Swedish Moccasins. I bought a knock-off pair for DD2 at Target this year, and we've got a couple of the actual Hannas that were hand-me-downs from my step-mom. 

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I have a 7 mo old girl, and put tights on her, then socks. That way the socks don't just slip off. I bet you could get away with that with a boy, too. Plus it takes forever to outgrow tights.

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I love the Nowali moccasin shoes, also from Sweden. Years ago I watched my brother buy them in every size for his daughter, and now we are finding them to be fantastic for our little guy, chubby feet and all. As for socks, I bought some Robeez socks when they are were on Babysteals and they stay on like they are glued! They have extra elastic around the ankle and it really works.

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Another vote for Robeez. I got a few pairs used at yard sales. I don't want to spend $20+ on baby shoes, but I just saw that Target sells some knockoff versions. They are easy to get on, don't come off, and are super cute. 

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Aside from our Robeez, we've had decent luck with the Zutano booties that snap around the ankle.  Too bad they don't make eenie-weenie sock garters...

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Hello I am new on forum,may be my reply is to late but the Minishoezoo soft sole slippers is very comfortable and affordable





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We love Isabooties, but the company stopped manufacturing.  You  can still find some out there, though, online.  We also received a gift of these Kina booties, and they are our absolute favorite.  My son wears them without socks, his feet stay nice and dry, and they don't come off.  Love!

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