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What to do with really bad heartburn?

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This is pregnancy #3 for me.  I remember having the occasional bout of heartburn with the last 2, nothing too horrible and usually if I ate something spicy or whatever.

This time, I can eat 2 saltines and a glass of water and literally be dying.

I have heartburn 24/7 and at times, my chest hurts?  Like I feel like I'm having a heart attack kind of sharp pain?  What the?

My husband says it's just gastric reflux (he eats terrible foods, late at night so he does not have my sympathy when he's moaning at 3am). 


What can I do for it?  I'm 37w1d so I have a little while to go.  It's getting worse, and I'm just getting over a bad stomach flu which really made it bad.  I take 2 extra strength tums and they don't do anything.


I tend to eat really bland foods anyways, no meat, very little diary if any, nothing really acidic, nothing spicy...so I don't think there is a diet link... it just really hurts, all the time....

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I know how you feel. I had it like that last time. I was told I can take Zantac 75mg. Its amazing.

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try chewable papaya enzymes. they work for me. you can get them at a health food store. good luck!

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Zantac?  OK.  I don't know anything really about heartburn meds because I never have it.  I'll look into it. 


And papaya sounds super yummy right now.  LOL...


Thanks ladies!

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The papaya does taste really good too!

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I love the Zantac and Gaviscon is gross but a great quick fix.

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I had that with DS the last 10 days until birth. I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, it felt like being stabbed in the sternum. I was given Mylanta and Nexium. It worked a little... But frankly it didn't go away all the way with those meds, but as soon as my water broke, boom, all gone and I stuffed myself silly before labor started.

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i cut back on carbs last week because i thought i had a yeast infection...turns out i didn't have a yeast infection but my heartburn severely reduced! i don't know what the link is...but for me there is one. more bread=more heartburn. 


another link that i've noticed for me is if i go too long without eating the heartburn starts...it was like that with nausea in the beginning...but now it's the same pattern, except with heartburn.


also, my midwife suggested HCL...it's another enzyme and i found it a bit more helpful than papaya enzyme... but neither one seem to work wonders for me.


hope you find relief soon! :)


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Slippery elm Lozenges!  they sell them at health food stores and also Vitamin shoppe....i had my #3 in Aug and i had the WORST heartburn from month one and on...i think it was 'relaxin'  surrounding the pyloric valve - i couldnt drink water without feeling it!  it subsided greatly after the baby was born - but not all the way.  Slippery Elm is 100% natural - no side effects , i chewed about three  day - they provide a little instant relief, but it builds up ...3 a day and i could have a glass of water from time to time!

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Milk works better for me than tums does.. I drink a glass every night before going to bed. If I don't I wake up feeling horrible from the heartburn

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