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Choroid Plexus Cyst

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Cross posted in June DDC

Anyone have these show up on their ultrasound or on a past ultrasound?


The radiologist who read my scan thought he saw one but the tech didn't mention any other markers. The only other things that were mentioned were a low lying placenta and she couldn't see the kidneys neither which were concerning to me.


Anyways, after doing some research about them, I am planning a repeat u.s and am going to have the radiolgist do it himself to thouroughly check for any other soft markers. I have an appointment on Friday with my doctor but I wanted to check here and see if there are any other things I should talk to her about it or ask her about. Thanks! 

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Sorry I can't figure out why it posted to the right side of the screen!

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Our ultrasound for new baby was clear, but my now 17-month old did have a total of 4 appear on his 18-week ultrasound. When the doctor first explained surrounding possibilities, I was so worried and only made my fears worse by reading more online (being a soft marker for down syndrome or worse for trisomy 18.) Long story short, we had further scans with a neo-natologist which pretty much ruled out trisomy 18 and showed no other problems. The cysts themselves went away around 25-26 weeks which I believe is what happens for most babies who have them.


Our son was born perfectly healthy with no medical issues at all. 1 in 100 ultrasounds show choroid cysts with only a very small percentage of these babies having any further medical issue. Our doctor kind of gave us a scare to begin with, but come to find out there is very little reason to worry even with these being apparent. Hugs to you and your family though while you go through the double checking process, I know it can be stressful!

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DDC crashing - I had this with my 3rd child.  It was very stressful - but in the end it amounted to nothing.  My son was perfectly healthy.  The reality is that the cysts in and of the themselves are not a problem - but babies affected with various trisomies seem to be more likely to have them.  In my case, they suggested additional ultrasound follow up.  I can't remember how many additional ultrasounds l had (1 or maybe 2).   

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Thanks for the replies Ladies! I appreciate it :)

I am trying not to worry about it because it does seem pretty common.

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