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Shameless on Showtime

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Anyone seen it? 

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Yeah, it's kinda sad and funny at the same time.  I don't really know what I think yet...have to see more episodes.

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there is or was a Shameless in the UK and the characters looked the same and the episodes are copied....almost word for word so i hear!  The UK one was sooo very funny. The accent was really strong and difficult to understand so maybe that's why they made a different one ?

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We love it!  It's good to have something to watch on Sunday nights again (now that Dexter is over for the season).

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Ive been watching.  I swear its like passing by a car wreck.  your afraid of what your about to see, by cant take your aways away.  Its so comically sad, i have a hard time not just totally laughing at it the entire time. 

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what do you think about Monica?  Wasn't exactly what I pictured... kinda interested to see what happens next. 

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yea, I was excpecting a haggerd looking drunk.  Frank, but only female.  I know that i want to scream at the TV whenever the parents get involved, and the more recent episode, had me wanting to throw something.  i have to remind myself its just TV, but there are REALLY people who treat their kids that way, which i guess is why it bugged me.  I felt bad for fiona, REALLY bad.  Shes been carrying all those kids along, keeping them warm, safe, fed, happy.  And when Debbie got all up her face and said "what do you care, your just gonna be living in your big house with Steve", I thought, you ungrateful little BRAT!  She became your MOTHER when your REAL mother choose solitude over all her kids.  And your gonna raz Fiona for it?  NOT COOL!  But I get it. 


I did notice that there was some sexual chemistry still looming between Monica and frank.  Did you see the way she was breathing when they were standing close and the way she kept looking her up and down, like he was a side of beef?  LOL  EWWWWW, not frank!!!!!!

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Monica was definitely not how I imagined her.  Not at all.  And yeah, I saw the sparks between her and Frank, and it made me puke in my mouth a little. 


Maybe they'll bring Liam's bio-dad into the picture now? 


I love that crazy family.  It's so real to me.


Oh, and DH and I tried to watch a bit of the British version the other day and didn't like it nearly as much (Frank, drunk with a huge accent, was even harder to understand).

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OH Thank GOD I have finally found someone watching this show!  I have been wanting to talk about it forever.  No one I know is watching it.  My husband watches it occassioanlly with me, but ends up asking to many questions (Cuz he doesnt always watch it, DUH!) and ends up aggravating me. 


Case in point, I kinda missed the last scene with Steve/james last week.  Was that tall blonde his girlfriend or his brothers wife or something?  And they all just kiss on the lips like that.  (Hello his MOTHER.  ECK!)


I was wondering when the heck we were going to find out what was up with Liam.  lol  I remember from the pilot Frank saying something about him looking a little like his first sponsor.  Is Liam of a different race on the British show? 


OK, I serious LOLed when Kash shot Mickey.  DOH!  And his wife cracks me right up!  I love her!  Shelia too.  She is a frickin riot.  Its just Frank that makes me see RED.  I wish veronica would be more open to having both the kids stay there permenantly.  What a cute little family they wpould make, eh?  LOLOLOLOL


I am seriously enjoying this show more then Big Love.  How sad is that?

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Last night's was a little nuts, but definitely good.  I'm bummed there is only one more episode; I'll be sad until Dexter starts up again to brighten my Sunday nights!


I don't know if that blond chick, Candice?, is supposed to be Steve's girlfriend/fiance?  I am confused about, since I think they only showed her in one episode.  I guess we'll find out next week what the deal is with him, and whether or not he comes clean with Fiona.  I can't see her leaving the kids, so I don't get why he'd ask her to come with him...(in the preview).

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Candace is Steve's mom.


Whoa about Karen essentially raping Frank...ew ew ew ew ew ew ew. She's got MAJOR daddy issues.

I love how Ian's uncle/bio dad's wife just let him (uncle/bio dad) have it the second she saw Ian.

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Originally Posted by Earthy Mama View Post

Candace is Steve's mom.

But then, who was the blond he was seen with the first time they showed him at his house?  I assumed that was Candace?  I'm not talking about when his mom kissed him all creepy-like, but the younger girl they showed prior to that.  His brother made a sexual comment about the two of them... I wonder who she is, then?

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I knew she wouldnt go.  I JUST KNEW IT!  I would actually be POed at steve/jimmy for tempting me with such a reprive.  But I didnt see her abandoning Liam, Debbie, and Carl.  it would make her just like her mother, and I knew she just wouldnt be able to do that. 


OK, so whats up with the new neighbor friend? Thoughts?  Im thinking her and her husband are swingers or something.  LOL  I KNEW veronica was going to hate her the minute she layed eyes on her. 


I am so excited this show was approved for a second season.  I really enjoy it. 

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