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The microwaved water and plant theory is a lie. http://www.snopes.com/science/microwave/plants.asp and http://www.eclecticscience.net/experiments/001-microwave-plants/summary.html has the results of a larger double blind study.


And microwaves aren't banned in Russia anymore, so I find it suspicious that anti-microwave sites present the FORMER ban as evidence.

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Well, since plants use radiation to MAKE food, and I eat plants, I guess my comfort level starts right there!    I'm a big fan of UVA and UVB radiation, myself, since it warms the earth, makes plants grow, and helps me make necessary Vitamin D.   Sure, too much of it DOES cause skin cancer, I guess ... but without it, we'd all die.  


Long story short: There are lots of kinds of "radiation."     

True... just choices of what you are comfortable with.


This is one of those hot topics that can make one's blood boil. 


We do not use microwaves and haven't now for oh... 4 years.   It personally just isn't in the cards for me.  My research and my gut says it just feels wrong, so that is why it is a no go.  I am so chemically sensitive that it is just one more bad energy out of my system. 


Oh... I am also one of those who cares about what pans are used too. 

Well let's hope that blood isn't being boiled in a microwave! Sorry, I just couldn't resist.Sheepish.gif

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Anyone read the study online about the cats being fed microwaved cat food? Yeah that's what did it for us.

No, I haven't read the study, and neither have you. I've read someone talking about the supposed study online, without a citation -- just like your post. I doubt the study exists, and I've come across several different versions of the story. The fact is, if there is such a study, you don't know the findings, you don't know how it was conducted, you don't know whether it was ever peer-reviewed or published, you don't know whether it might have later been retracted for shoddy methodology. Without a citation, you know nothing.


People, take note. If there's anything you don't like, all you have to do is make up a scary sounding study about it, and post vaguely about it online. Because nobody can find the study to refute it, the story will keep making the rounds forever, probably getting scarier as it goes. Why, look at this reference -- it doesn't even say what the results of the study were. It just says there's a study and we're left to infer that the results were scary.


In the most complex version I've found, and therefore probably the closest to the source, the cats were fed nothing but microwaved cat food for six months and died of insufficient nutrition, and there was a control group. Which suggests that the person who made up the study considerably underestimated the gullibility of the public and the general level of ignorance about science is done, since a lot of people have been repeating much less credible versions of the story. Such as the one I'm responding to here.


The real reason people don't like microwaves is that doing more work makes them feel virtuous.

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The real reason people don't like microwaves is that doing more work makes them feel virtuous.


This is a really old thread but anyway.... the real reason I don't like microwaves is because I don't care for the way most foods cooked in them taste (mostly because of the texture). We don't have a microwave in the house anymore because it took up too much space for the twice a month it was used to soften butter. It has nothing to do with feeling virtuous about preparing 'slow foods' eyesroll.gif

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Yes, I find it super convenient actually. It is my favorite ways to make purees because everything is cooked evenly and dishwasher ready. You do have to be careful about hot spots when reheating.

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We have a microwave but don't use it a ton. I would rather use the toaster oven or stove to heat things up. We use the microwave occasionally but I'm not super comfortable with it. My H is really paranoid about it.

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Have you ever tasted microwaved food? If you did a taste test isnt the answer clear? Common sense?
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I embrace technology that makes my life easier and has been proven safe. So yes, I use a microwave when cooking food for any age.


Check out this video about cooking methods and how well they destroy or preserve nutrients: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CblEnrysVIA

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