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First Day Back to Work

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Well, my 6 week appointmen was this past monday (January 17th) and the doctor said that everything looked GREAT and my c-section scar looked good and that my uterus healed properly!! YAY for that!!  Then he gave me the horrible news that I could return to work lol.  I know that I need the money because my short term disablility from aflac and from work were only approved up until the 17th of this month!!! It's been a very long 4 hours since I dropped Emma off with my grandmother but i'm doing okay so far, but it's still hard to be away from her for 9.5 hours a day!  I was able to stay home with my oldest for 8 months before returning to work...so this is totally different for me!  I'm praying that it will get easier because I have to work for the next 5 days before my next off days.  Tomorrow is my husband's first day with her by himself for 9.5 hours and we'll have to see how well he does with that...i'm sure i'll be getting a lot of phone calls and text messages tomorrow but I know that he will get the hang of it soon!  Well, I hope everyone else is doing WONDERFUL and if you've already headed back to work I totally understand the emotional roller coaster you might be on and if you haven't gone back to work I ENVY you!!!!   I need to get back to work so I will check in again later!!



OH and an update on emma...she's now 8lbs 10oz and is 20 inches long which means she's gained 2lbs and 4 oz since she was born and grown 2 1/2 inches!!! I'm such a proud mommy!!!

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Awesome growth for Emma!  Hope that the adjustment to work goes well for everybody,

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