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Easy, attractive jewelry rack?

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I'm tired of my necklaces either getting tangled in my jewelry box or collecting dust on my dresser.  Anyone got a nice idea for an easy rack to hang on the wall?  I've seen the picture frame racks on Etsy, but I don't love the look of them.  I was thinking a more organic shape, and easy to dust.

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How about something like this  you could choose any colors or scrap papers that fit your style.

Otherwise I've seen a sheer ribbon hung between two nails with necklaces strung on it, if you have too many necklaces, you may need more than two nails to keep them all from sliding to the middle, but this would be a quick easy idea.

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I've seen lots of fun ideas on Design Sponge, mostly in the Before and After section. Here's a couple I was able to find. 








All kinds of ideas on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/search/handmade?shopname=SeasideRoseCreations&q=jewelry+holder


Cute but naturey: http://shirinhandmade.com/2010/05/branching-out-easy-jewelry-holder-tutorial/


Hope that helps! Can you tell it's something I've had on the brain for a while but haven't actually followed through with anything? Hah. 

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Saw this on a blog a while back - you could of course make one with funky/pretty hooks and cover/paint the back board:



Or in this post I liked the basic belt rack, which might be a good piece to keep in the closet to store less frequently used items while the current favourites are on a prettier display:


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