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Anyone from Eighty-Four, PA?

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just moved here and was wondering if there are any MDC mommas nearby and any La Leche League meetings or other AP-friendly groups; natural baby stores, etc.  TIA!

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There is an AP group on meetup.com.  Great group of mamas on there.  There are also many La Leche League groups in Pittsburgh.  They have an awesome conference in April too.

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Thanks so much!!

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Is the conference for La Leche League?  Could you please give me a link to info about it?  I would love to try to go.

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It is for the Western Pa LLL groups.  It's usually in April.  I haven't seen any info for this year yet.  I sent a message to one of the girls so I'll post the info when I get my hands on it.

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Oh thank you so much!!!thumb.gif

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I heard back from one of the girls that usually heads this up and she said she doesn't think they are doing a conference this year.  She said they are hoping to be able to do a bigger conference next year if they wait.  I'm bummed about it.  I usually have a vendor booth and really enjoy it and I was hoping to be able to attend some of the sessions this year.  Sorry for getting your hopes up.

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That sucks.  No problem...well hopefully we can do it next year.

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