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What does an amniocentesis feel like?

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I am having one in 2 weeks and am wondering what it feels like, etc. I am pretty good about needles but I have no idea what to expect.

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I've had one and it wasn't a big deal. I just felt the pinch of the needle going in, and beyond that, nothing strange. No cramping or anything.

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i'm not sure...hug2.gif


but can i be totally nosy and ask why you're having one this late in the game? i thought they were something that was just done earlier in the pregnancy...just curious, i hope you don't mind me asking.



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Its for checking the fetal lung development to make sure that I can be induced early, safely. Originally my doctor was just going to go ahead and induce me but then the hospital changed its policy at the last minute. I'm not super happy about having to have it because technically it is totally unnecessary and if I had been due 2 months ago it wouldn't be required, but as my doctor said, "big brother over at the hospital..." decided to require it now so that they could get a better hospital rating. irked.gif But to me it is worth it both because of my personal schedule and for my piece of mind.


*oh and the other ironic thing is, that there is a potential 'risk' that the amnio would put me into labor which totally defeats the purpose of testing to see IF I can get induced. haha. Hospital logic*

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I have had one once and my experience was not good, well my fluid was low so they had a hard time getting any so it took

way longer then it should have but I was in a lot of pain/cramping during and for the rest of the day after. So it was scary since

I was like 4-5 months along, but since your so far along I'd not worry about that at all.



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It's annoying but smart I think.  :hug:  I know a woman who was have a scheduled c-sec due to the baby (had a problem and couldn't be delivered vaginally) and they waited a week, because the baby's lungs weren't mature enough.


Hopefully it's just a pinch. 

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Never had one but big hugs coming your way. Hopefully everything goes well..

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I just wanted to add that I had mine for the same reason as you. I was 37 wks.

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I've had to have an amnio twice. My advice -- don't look at the needle, just look at the ultrasound screen. In my experience, it is not pleasant, but I suppose one wouldn't expect it to be. I found it to be fairly painful and was pretty sore afterwards. Both times (different pregnancies) they had to go through the placenta. But it doesn't take all that long and if you have confidence in the Dr who is doing it it shouldn't be too bad...and it's scarier to do earlier on in pregnancy, I think. Plan to rest up afterwards. I felt it took a bit out of me, especially the first one. Good luck - sending a hug your way.



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I'm terrible with needles but found the amnio to be the easiest needle experience I've had! BUT... I didn't look at the needle. It felt like a pinch and then it was over.

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