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Library Tote

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I need to buy a new bag for my son to use when getting books at the library. He tends to get 20-30 books and the bag he's using now is too small. The bag he used before (a freebie type) ripped.  Any good ideas on where I could find a larger canvas bag for him to use?  I would prefer to not spend more than $10.


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I have found good condition canvas bags at our local thrift store, cheap.  Most of them are labeled from business conferences and such :)

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Hobby lobby sells all kinds and shapes. He could even paint it or stamp it or whatever.


Personally if you can though-Landsend has the bestest bags evah.


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I always use a Land's End tote for my library bag.  Those things last for years!  There is a larger initial investment, but you will most likely not have to replace it.  My first bag cost $20 20 years ago, and I got a new one for Christmas last year only because they bought me a prettier strap color.  The old one is still used regularly around the house.


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Joann sells them for pretty cheap...I think about $2 each for a large one.
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