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What did you wear for your homebirth?

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This is my third pregnancy, first hb, and I've been wondering something silly. What did you wear for your birth? Particularly those of you that have had a waterbirth. Nothing? Swim suit top? Just curious, as I haven't decided yet what I feel most comfortable with. 



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this will be my third as well with a first homebirth. I'm planning on heading to the local thrift store and getting a swimsuit top tank style. and finding a very loose fitting skirt... kinda binsi style but i can't afford one right now. i want to be nice and comfortable and not naked, as my children will be around as well asa others who they will see me naked but they don't need to continually see me naked... i'm a mover when i'm in labour so i'll need something to wear.

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I'm going to add my own question, of what did you wear immediately after as well? this will be my second birth, but my first birth was at a hospital and I just wore their gowns. 

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i was fully clothed when labour began, and stayed that way until i got in the bath, then i wore nothing.  From then i was in and out of the bath and bed (it was the middle of the night, we were sleeping and hadn't called the MW to attend yet) and during that period i wore a t-shirt and underwear (black, which meant the show didn't stain them) when i wasn't in the bath (i couldn't wear a swimsuit when i was alone in my own bath, it seems really weird to me!).  My dad arrived at 6am and i was in pants and tee, shortly thereafter i got in the bath again, naked and i stayed naked after that.


The MW came as i was grunting and thought i needed her (ctx still 10mins apart).  I was fully delighted (sic) and had DD about 40mins after the MW got there, on my knees next to my bed, still naked.  I caught her myself :)


I was naked PP for about 2 hours (we had the heating cranked and it was one of the sunniest days of 2010), then i just put pants on to hold the PP pads in place.  I stayed that way (had the PP sweats and didn't think i should have to get dressed in my own bedroom if i didn't want to! lol) for a few days.  I'd put a tee on if anyone visited, but took it off again when they left.


Nudity is a non-event in our family.  when the ILs came i did stick a tee on.

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For my hospital birth I was naked lol


For my homebirth I was in a tank and yoga pants until active labor when I got in the pool.  In the pool I was naked from the waist down and wore a sports bra on top.  I really like Target's spaghetti strap ones, good material that can get wet and not stretch or hang.  Immediately after the birth I had severe chills so they took off the wet bra and covered me in warm sheets and towels.  Within a couple minutes I had on socks and my dh's t-shirt.  Once I was all checked out they put the big mesh panties on (so comfy!) to hold the pad in place.  I guess at some point later that night I put on some shorts and a short nightgown.

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For the birth I had a tankini-type swim top on and just a knee-length light cotton robe (not terrycloth or anything). When laboring out of the water I had that on, then in the water, just the tankini top and no pants. When I actually birthed it was on a birth stool with the top and no pants (obviously). Afterward, I put another cotton robe on (without the top) with a depends-type underwear for pp bleeding. I like the robe because it covers everything but you can take it off and on easily or push it to the side for breastfeeding. I also held babe skin to skin just wearing both our diapers LOL and closed the robe around us while I was on the couch or recliner.

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I'm not a comfortably naked person so I'm planning on front closing sports bra if I'm in the tub and I may make something for the time I'm out of the tub. Maybe a long button fronted shirt? not sure yet.

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I went between one of my DH's t-shirts and naked and at the time I was not into being naked!  My how things change!

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I wore nothing during intense labor or birthing (in the water) for either of my births.  I'm really not one to go naked in front of people, but when the time came I was amazed (in hind sight) how little I cared that I was naked.

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I am so not comfortable with being naked either. However, I had a 2 day labor, and by the second day I just said screw it and was naked until a few hours after birth. The first day, though, I had a lot of family around and just wore a sports bra and comfy loose 3/4 length pants(t-shirt over that when I went out for walks). I had planed to wear a skirt, but I just never went and put it on. I do kind of wish I would have put a bra on for pictures, though. I can't show anyone my pics of cutting the cord because she was laying on my belly, right next to my big naked boobies....lol! For afterwards, I bought some nice nursing pj's from BRU. I had a gift card. That way I was cute and comfy and could nurse easliy when people came to visit. My mom also bought a nursing gown, but I couldn't use it...the boobie holes where wayyy farther down that where my boobs actually were! Although, it might work now...after almost 8 months of nursing, they are a lot bigger and longer than they were at that point.LOL.

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  Both times by the time active labor hit, I was naked. I was in and out of the bath, on the toilet etc. I wore a robe a little bit this last time, because  at first when I got out of the tub I was cold, then I was overheating and took it off again. I ended up transferring to the hospital both times before birth, and so had a gown after baby was born.

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For most of my labor I had a tank top and pj pants on. Then when I was in transition and pushing it was just a bikini top on and after words I was naked.

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This will be my third birth and first homebirth as well. For my first birth in the hospital, I spent a good amount of time naked (got out of the tub pretty much crowning, they asked if I wanted to put a gown on and I pretty much roared NO!), I can't remember if I was naked last time but I don't think I was, I just wore the hospital gown... For this birth, I am planning on a black sports/nursing bra and a birth skirt that I will make. I make them for my clients on request, from black swimsuit material, they are just above the knee in length and they are wrap-style, so super easy to move in. I'll probably also have a cotton robe for when I'm not in the water.

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I wore nothing once I got into the pool, and it felt really right. I ended up naked during my first (hospital) birth as well--got very hot and annoyed by clothing in transition and threw it all off. It was surprising how little I cared about being naked in front of strangers at that point!


However, next time (if there is a next time), I might think about wearing a bikini top or similar, for the single reason that I'd like more of our birth photos and video to be share-able!

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In active labor I alternated between wearing nothing, an open flannel shirt, and a fleece blanket :P


After the birth I wore a t-shirt and mesh undies.

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I went to bed in labour, woke up, got in the pool wearing a tank top made of stretchy, tight material. It wasn't planned, I just took off my bottoms and got in. Afterward I put on a lightweight black cotton robe and got in bed. 

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Originally Posted by Coconut Chronicles View Post

A black bra

you and your family are lovely! 

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Hmmm, I've been thinking about this one myself. This will be my 3rd birth, but first homebirth. I'm eager for the skin-to-skin contact after the baby is born, and I'm afraid any clothing will be uncomfortable. I don't mind being naked, but I don't want all of the photos to be without apparel :-)  Time will tell what is worn!

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5 births-naked-waterbirths

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