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With my first I had a waterbirth in the hospital.  For laboring I just wore their gowns and was naked for the birth.  Afterwords I wore their gowns as well, until it was time to go home.


With my 2nd I had a HB waterbirth.  For labor I wore a long t-shirt with no pants.  My water had broke so I didn't want to have soaked pants from leaking.  After a while I got super hot so I changed into a spaghetti strap tank top, which I then wore for the birth in the tub as well.  Afterwords I just wore a bathrobe. 

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For most of labor, I was in a long sleeve t-shirt and yoga pants (it was cool in my house).  After I got out of the shower, I put the t-shirt back on but never got back into the pants as labor really kicked in and I knew I needed to be pantsless for a while smile.gif   but I really wished I had also kept the t-shirt off.  By the time I was pushing, I was so HOT and many of my thoughts were about how I wished I could take the t-shirt OFF but was a little too busy to do it at the moment.  I ahd actually bought a binsi skirt to wear for the occassion but there was never a good opportunity to put it on.


For after the birth, I put on a pajama top and wore the mesh panties without pajama pants as I didn't want to get blood on them.

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Thanks.  I have the depends in the birth kit now.

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With my 2nd I was in just longish shirts. One was for in my birth tub and one was dry for when I got out. I was naked in my shower and didn't have bottoms on for the entire 24 hour labor. :) After I wore a nightgown unbuttoned in the front to have skin to skin with her. This time I am going to use a swim tank for in the tub and the same for the other times because it worked well for me.

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I was intending on a waterbirth, however the pool didn't cool quickly enough for me to get in it. I had taken a couple of showers early on in labor and never bothered to get dressed after the second one. So I was naked for my HB.

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haha, i was naked at the hospital but clothed at home too.  so funny!!


its not a silly question i have been obsessing about what shirt i will wear in the tub.  last home/waterbirth i just had my favorite PJ top on, you couldnt tell what was under the water in pictures.  after my first i was so tired of censoring all the new baby pictures because my big nipples where right there for the world to see when i just wanted to show off my baby!  plus in the water it helps when gripping a wet baby.  once i got out i discarded my top and just cuddled under covers naked on a chux pad.


now i want to know what earings should i wear??!!  hahaha.  i picked out a necklace and and open flower set of earrings today and am trying them out to see if i want to wear them in labor.  yes i wish this baby would come so i can stop obsessing about silly things!


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oh and totally obsessing about what hat to have ready to put on the baby once he is born.  i have some hospital hats and i dont want him to look like he was born in the hospital......i made a couple hats so he looks nothing like a hospital born babe

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