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Originally Posted by windymama View Post

We're hoping for a HB with our MWs and a doula. 


Blanca - when I had DD I had an IV because I was GBS+.  I walked with that damn pole *everywhere* in labour.  Hopefully you'll be able to convince your OB to change her mind (and get it in writing!) and only have to deal with a heplock.  I was also at a university hospital so there were a lot of residents to deal with which I found a little annoying.

I was GBS+ last time and I couldn't  move farther than the room. I'm at a different hospital this time so hopefully I can be more mobile. If I have the option I want a heplock, if I don't have the option somebody can walk the pole behind me because I don't want to be bothered with it.

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We recently switched to a homebirth midwife for my VBAC from a hospital birth.  I'm a little nervous about it still but I know it's the right choice for us. We haven't told our families yet but will in the next week or so. I just had my first prenatal with my new midwife today!


The only ones who will be there are DH, doula, midwife and midwife student.

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Good for you. It sounds like it'll be a much more relaxing birth this way. I would also have made the same decision in your situation. 

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Planning to labor at home with a super awesome doula (who also happens to be a CPM) and then deliver at the hospital.  Couldn't get DH to come around to the birth center.  I'm starting to get used to the idea of a hospital and think that with my doula I can make it a good birth this time.  Now I just have to figure out how the hell to get out of there as soon as possible after the birth...

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We're planning a homebirth with a CNM and a doula.  Our doula is also a midwife, but not yet licensed as a midwife in this country.  We're going to get an AquaDoula tub so that we have that as an option.


Unfortunately, both my midwife and doula will be out of town on my due date, but if I have the baby late they'll be back.  I'm meeting their backups next month.

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We will be going to the hospital or having an unassisted birth.  There's no middle ground here, unfortunately.  Our plan is to see how things are going in labour and decide then what to do.  I'm planning for either eventuality at the moment.

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not so local hospital here. the local one is a really big place with a certain"clientele" so you can't do much of anything for security reasons. only one person in the birthing room, no doulas, no anything really. So we opted for a hospital further away by 35 minutes. We have an amazing MW who is super crunchy and doesn't even offer any epidurals or anything. She was there for my last baby, and managed a very minor Shoulder dystocia without even blinking an eye. and for the first time ever after giving birth I did not hemorrhage  Home birth was what I wanted with number 4 but DH was adamant about being somewhere safer since I bleed...a lot and he saw how scary it was with number 3. So its a beautiful compromise

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I'm planning my 2nd homebirth.  I had my first 2 children in the hospital, and the 3rd was a planned homebirth but an unplanned unassisted birth.  I was somewhat prepared for it to be unassisited.  After experiencing how much better the homebirth was (I had great hospital births!) I know there's no other way for me!  I do hope to have my mw's here though, and my female family!


Fortunately, as others have pointed out; we have a lot of choice here and none is illegal.  We don't have any birth centres, but with homebirth rising in popularity it doesn't feel like we're missing anything.  Although, for my 2nd, if I could have chosen a birth centre, I really would have. 

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