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Baby brain

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Does anyone else have major baby brain happening?  I feel like my IQ have dropped 50 points and I have the memory of an 80 year old.  In the past few weeks I've left the burner on the stove on twice.  I went to work with two differnt shoes on, one was a heel and one was a flat.  I mean how does that even happen?  A few times a day I call my husband about something only to forget what it is I'm calling about. Even as I type this I'm having a hard time forming complete sentences.  Is this going to happen the whole time?  Cuz I'm pretty sure I'm going to get fired and burn my house down if this continues.



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I'm with you on this one.  I usually a pretty smart gal but lately OH MAN!

I repeatedly ask DH the same question again and again.  Poor guy....all he can say is "that was a repeat" or "you already asked me that"  I'm like...."I did?.....well what was the answer"


I feel like a total ding dong  dizzy.gif


I will pick up the phone at work to call a client and can't even remember who I'm calling and I just put their dog away.


I hope it gets better....please tell me the second trimester is better.

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I am with you sister.  I call it pregnant head. 


The other day at work, I kept pushing the 2 button on the elevator wondering why I wasn't going up to the 4th floor.  I did this like, 8 times. 


I left the iron on for 24 hours. 


I forgot what the other thing is that I was going to tell you!

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Placenta brain! 


I accidentally put the eggs in the freezer last night and woke up to rock hard frozen eggs this morning. All 18 of them. 

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Yeah, the baby ate my brain.  Yesterday, I lost my keys after that I had to make some cupcakes for dd to take to her class for her bday, so I forgot to put the flour in (you'd really think I would have noticed that the consistancy was off) and tried baking them that way.  Well, they bubbled up and burned all over my brand new oven (that I had to buy a few weeks ago after dropping a pan on the glass cooktop and shattering it!).  At least I got it all cleaned up and the next batch turned out great, flour sure helps!  Well I'm off to bake more cupcakes for dd's friend bday party tonight...I sure hope I don't forget anything!

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Oh man, me too! I have left my purse behind a half dozen times so far. At work, at the movie theatre, at a friend's place, at restaurants - wherever. I've asked DH to just check I have it with me whenevr we leave somewhere. It saves him having to turn around and drive back to get it smile.gif

I've also left the stove on twice, the burner on once, and worst of all, I keep forgetting whether or not I've fed my animals! It's absolutely awful. I hate this. At work I must write down everything IMMEDIATELY or it ain't getting done. *sigh*
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Wow! I thought I was bad, but you seem to have me beat. Except for yesterday, picking up takeout I forgot my phone at the restaurant. I thought I must have left it at work so I called expecting my boss to answer it. but some guy from the restaurant answered and said "you left you'r phone on the bench" and I couldn't think of a bench at work!!! Then I realized the bench at the restaurant I sat on while I was waiting for my takeout food! I felt like such a spaz! 

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