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Daniel's 1 month stats

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My big boy is up to 10lb, 12oz and he is 22" long. (up from 9lb, 4oz and 20.75")

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That's awsome mamma!!!  YAY for the great numbers!!!!

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I've been curious about growth. My boy was 7lbs, 14oz and 18.5". Now at 2 months, he is about 12lbs and 24". I am amazed at how long he is already! :) 

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My daughter went from 6lbs 6oz and 17 1/2 inches long  to 8lbs 10oz and 20 inches long by the time she went to her 1 month appointment and the doctor said that she just hit a really good growth spurt but that she was fine and that was to be expected with some new borns!  So sounds like you've just got a very healthy baby on your hands Lilmomma!!!

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