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healing codes

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I was wondering if any of you are doing healing codes based on the book "Healing code' by Alex Loyd. I have been doing them daily for almost 3 months with some pretty amazing results. Wanted to see if there are more like that here.

It would be nice to share our experience.


Here's a website: http://thehealingcodes.com/

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I had never heard of Healing Codes but I will certainly check it out now!  I would love to hear about your results if you are comfortable sharing them.  Thanks so much for posting this information!  :D

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I have been doing them religiously for 3 months. Every day, sometimes 5 times a day with amazing results. Last couple weeks I started to slack it! I have had really great results both emotionally and physicaly. I hold all my emotions in my shoulders/neck area and over the past 10 years or so the tihghtness in that area has been unreable. That all went away withi one week of doing the codes. Not kidding you. After only saying the praer my shoulders drop down and start relaxing. I have a friend who is also doing the codes and who also has the same problems with her neck and she has the exact same expereince. It feels like all the stress is literally melting away during the codes. I feel calm and at peace. 

however after 2,5 months I think I really got to the very core of my problems with the codes and all of a sudden I hit a bottom and everything is getting worse. It's a healing response, and I sohlu dbe doing the codes just for the response until I am back on track of healing but I just can't get back out of this. Thinking about contacting certified practitioner of healing codes to create custom codes for me. I have always felt powerful healing energy while doing the codes but not lately. I really got to a though place and need help I think.


That's my story. I also used the codes one kind of experimentally to help rent out house. Last December my husband kept worrying about our house in NC because our good renters were leaving and we had no one interested in the house. Not a single person in months. These people were moving out literally in a week and my hubby was freaking out. So I decided to do codes just for the house. Included it in the prayer and I am not kidding you - that night we had 3 people fighting over it!!!  AMAZING! It was rented the next day and they signed a lease for 2 years!!


All right, all that said, I am going to go do the codes!! lol

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