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I still have awhile before I buy, but I figured its never too early to start looking.

Some of my preferences:
The baby will be born in August and we live in Texas so it will be HOT. So something that "breathes" would be good.
fairly cheap. We are on a serious budget and just can't spend more than $50. Although I do see carriers on craigslist quite often, so if there is an awesome one that is more pricey, let me know and I could try to find it used.
I'm a smaller woman. Only 5 ft tall, but built pretty solidly. Not thin, but not big either. My boobs are barely As at the moment, will probably get a little larger when my milk comes in. But nothing massive :)
We'd also like a separate carrier for DF. He's a bigger guy - 6 ft and 260 lbs.
the only carrier I've ever used was a New native baby sling. It was with one of the children I babysat for it. I like it pretty well, but I think with some suggestions I could find something that works even better.