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How much money does your X-owe you?

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I am in the process of collecting receipts and documents for our custody trial and divorce settlement...just wondering what other's X's own them?


Several thousands of dollars, here.

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He actually made a big push this month and is currently only $400 behind.  :joy

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$994. He's up to date on child and spousal support but is refusing to pay the medical bills the judge ruled he is responsible for. He's stopped paying morgage and car payment so we have a court date of February 7th.

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My ex owes around $3000 in back child support.  He owes another $1300 for the portion of the daycare costs he is supposed to pay and $200 in medical bills that will go up to $350 when I get my dd's hearing tested next month.  He is also supposed to carry the insurance on her and we each are supposed to pay a portion of that cost but that has never happened so I am carrying the insurance and would go after him for that also if it wasn't such a minimal amount.

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About $22,000, all told.  Wow, I hadn't realized it was that much until I added it up.  irked.gif

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$8800... and somehow got his driver's liscense reinstated w/o paying anything. We go to court in March because he is in violation of the cs order. (I turned it over to the state in July and he has not paid anything- this amt. goes back couple of years.) So, the state is taking him to court and I am required to be there.

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Mine owes me $7000, on paper, in our legal agreement.


I'll never see a penny of it.

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my sons father owes us 60.000+ i doubt we will ever see it  but i will never let him off the hook

  my step dad is still paying support for his kids  oh yea he is 78 guess that is what happens when you don't pay when they are young. i dont feel at all sorry  for him either. 

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Sorry, Mamas.


These situations make me so mad...

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Our CS hearing is next week and according to the online estimator... Ex will be about $500 in the arrears on that date.  Or more if he doesn't give me the check he owes me from last week yet...


Medical bills... Close to $2,000... and on going as our children are battling a lot of health issues at the moment.  :( 


Next week should be a real eye opener for him.  I can't wait.  :)  Even if I don't get the money from him... it will just be statisfaction seeing his face when he realizes I was RIGHT about the pathetic amount he deemed to give me.  (he's giving me the same amount for TWO children with medical issues that he used to give his ex for one HEALTHY child). 


Oh yes, I'm excited about next week. 

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Credit card debt $9000


Back child support since June 2010 (not sure of the exact amount but we have court next month!)


And I should technically be eligible for spousal support but I doubt I'll get anything.  My stbx has sort of lost it and is no longer working, he lives off his former mistress/current gf's paycheque.



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