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GPS watch

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I am interested in purchasing a GPS watch. Before this pregnancy I trained a while for a half marathon and now, once I recover from the birth, I will be training for a 10 miler and then another half marathon. So I figured a GPS watch would really be a helpful tool in this.


Watch kind/model do you have? likes? dislikes? recommendations?

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I have the garmin forerunner 405 watch.....




I love it!   I have noticed that sweat sometimes makes it freeze up.   So I wear a sweatband/wristband underneath it.

I really love this watch.   I love how I can download my workouts and then get a virtual read out of what I have accomplished.  It even shows elevation and speed changes.


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I have a Garmin 205.  It doesn't have a heart rate monitor, which I wouldn't really use anyway.  I love knowing how far/fast I'm going.  It's a little large on my wrist, but overall, I really like it.

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