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My son was born on 1-18

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Grant was born on 1-18 at 3:26 pm. He weighed 8 lbs 9.6 oz and measured 21 inches in length at birth. I planned a homebirth and ended up transferring to the hospital after a very long labor. Still managed a vaginal delivery and had a rather smooth transfer. My midwife even catch the baby since the doctor wasn't sure what to do with me when I refused to get into the bed to push. 


I am still working at processing the whole thing. I'm writing up a (very long) birth story here and there. I may post it here or in the Birth and Beyond section and add a link...

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congrats! and heres to you for not getting into bed, hehehhe

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Congrat's and good for you delivering your baby how you wanted!

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I did eventually get into bed when my midwife suggested it. It wasn't a perfect birth in any respect but I was glad that my midwife caught him. But of course, he was worth all of it.

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I can never understand how doctors and nurses can't catch babies other than when people lay down. I am glad your midwife was there with you. Congratulations!

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