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The Speedy Delivery of Gideon Thomas

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I had been telling everyone last week that Saturday (3 days past my due date) would be a great day for our son to be born.  Apparently he agreed.

My husband had been sick all week with a crazy viral infection that left him unable to walk, think, or help in any way to prepare for the birth, but Friday he was feeling much better.  We were able to tie up all the loose ends of preparation, tidy the house, and even stay up after our son went to bed to watch a movie.  But no labor.

Saturday morning, my mother took our son for a few hours so that we could sleep in.  When he came back home, the three of us spent a couple of hours outside in the snow.  I took a walk to the post office and back (maybe a mile total) and noticed that I was having definite trouble keeping my speed up.  It felt like Baby was sitting just about as low in my pelvis as he could without falling out.  Still no contractions.

Went back home and fixed lunch for us.  A random combo of pizza and cantelope.  Then DS went down for a nap, and my husband and I took the time to figure out our new infant car seat. 

Once our son was up, I decided that we should probably run to the grocery store to pick up the few staples that we were once again running low on.  Just in case I went into labor soon.  So at about 5:30pm we got ready to leave for the store.  I felt like I need to go to the bathroom, so I headed in there and had a very small BM.  When I stood up I still felt like I needed to go, but we needed to head out, as it was starting to snow.

On my way out to the car, I had what I would say was my first, very slight contraction.  Though at the time I thought it was still that bathroom urge.  Then, on the 10 minute drive to the store, I had three more.  Slightly more uncomfortable.  Then another on our way into the grocery store.  Then a couple in produce, a couple in the bakery.  Hmm...I said to DH "I think these are definitely contractions.  Early contractions."  We shopped for about 20 minutes, and then I decided that we needed to head back.  

We drove to my parent's house to pick up water, and my contractions were causing me to lift up out of my seat and vocalize a bit.  Things were starting to feel a little more intense than I'd expected.  We filled water jugs at my parent's house at 6:15, and then I admitted that we probably should leave DS there for the night, as it seemed like things were really starting to move along.

I walked home (just across the street) and attempted to time contractions around 6:30.  No dice.  I couldn't keep still.  Called the midwife at that point, and she said to wait about 15 minutes and then give her a call to let her know if we wanted her to come right over or wait for a bit.  In 10 minutes, my contractions had gone from "normal" to something bordering on insane, and we told her she should probably head out.  This was at 7.

From here on out, things got a little crazy.

7:06 - I decided to cover up all the clocks in the house.  DH began filling the birth pool.

7:10 - I'm hanging off DS's crib making crazy primitive noises.  I ask DH to rub my lower back as hard as he can, and he can't quite keep up with me between filling the pool and the closeness of contractions.

7:15 - My father randomly shows up with food to eat during my labor.  He says he'll back later with soup, and I tell him that he probably won't want to come back in a few minutes.

7:30 - In the middle of a contraction, I suddenly shift from regular vocalizing to very deep groaning and pushy noises.

DH - "Are you pushing?"

Me - "Uh..maybe."

DH - "You shouldn't push."

Me - "I'm not sure I can stop."

Two contractions later.

Me - "Where do you want to do this?"

We moved into the bathroom, and after two more heavy contractions, my water broke.  DH called my mother (across the street) and told her in no uncertain terms that she needed to come over...NOW.  Then DH called the midwife's cell as my son's head began to crown.  My mother arrived just as Heather (MW) picked up.

*Me screaming/moaning/vocalizing in the background*

Mom - "Hi Heather.  Her water has broken and she's pushing.  Where are you?"

She's five minutes away.  

I try as hard as I can to comfort DH (he was so nervous!) and to hold back a bit until Heather can get to our house.

The head is born.  Heather arrives and begins talking to my mother in the kitchen, at which point DH calls out, "The head is OUT!"

Heather came in and took over, and two pushes later, we had our gorgeous Gideon Thomas.  Born in our little bathroom as I held onto the sink.  Wrapped up in DH's t-shirt. Perfectly perfect, and not a tear or laceration on me.  I was in awe of all of it.  I still am.

Gideon Thomas

Born 1-15-11 at 7:45pm after about 45 minutes of active labor.  8lbs., 8oz., and 20.5 inches long.

Gideon and I, just moments after birth.

Just moments after birth.


Weighing Gideon.

Weighing Gideon.

Our little Gideon!

Gideon Thomas!

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Congrads...your little one is adorable.

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Beautiful story!  I can only hope mine goes so smoothly!!!

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Love your story!!  Congrats Momma~

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Omg, he's so precious!!! Congrats! I also loved your story, thanks for sharing! 

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I love this story! You guys did great. Very pretty pic of you (you look so happy).

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Awwww, he is sooooo sweet!  Congratulations!!!  I loved your story and I have a little guy named Gideon too :)

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