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Please help me with my acne! I have acne rosacea.

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Ever since having my baby my acne has really flared up. I never washed my face that often before and just started to use Dove Sensitive non foaming face wash. I like it, but it does nothing for the acne.

One thing I think will work for me to clear up the acne is Normaderm by Vichy, but I don't want to buy it b/c it's from Nestle and I've started to boycott them. Also it will only work for a month or so and then it may dry my skin to much. I used it quite a few years ago and that's what happened.

Anything I can use that isn't expensive and is somewhat natural? Does the oil cleansing method work for acne? I'm not suposed to use tea tree oil b/c it will aggravate the rosacea.
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I have been battleing acne for 30 years now.... and I do use the OCM method, love it! I still break out from time to time, but the oil really helps. Plugs will slide out, or basically "disolve" over night, but it also seems to really be helping with the healing of older breakouts. My skin has changed some over the past few years, but OCM has made a difference.


I can't offer any insight on the rosacea aspect, but never hurts to try.


I use;

60% castor oil

15% jojoba (sp?) oil

20% extra light olive oil (i can't stand the smell of heavier smelling olive oils - but others use sunflower or other like oil)

5% apricot oil


But there are many different variations you can try, I started with 50% castor, 30% olive and 20% jojoba, but it's not an extact science per se.


Best and hope some others chime in more on the rosacea aspect.

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I used some olive oil on my face the other day and it was really greasy and felt weird going on, but I liked the results. I do need to get some castor oil though so will look for it tomorrow. I did notice my acne looks a little better and I only did it once so far.

Do you wash your face with this mixture 1x or 2x a day? Or maybe just weekly? Then wash with water only or something else in between?
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I wash with OCM in the shower or bath.. so on average, every other day, as I do not normally shower daily.


On the other days/ times of day, mostly just use water and a wash cloth.


I do have a variety of other facail cleansers, but most just gather dust in the cabinet. I can not bring myself to discard them yet thou... so they are there. Maybe once a week I will use a scrub type cleaner, but half of the time that is honey mixed with baking soda as an exfoilant, but will still use my Ives Apricot scrub from time to time.


But as a general rule, water or OCM is my normal routine.


best of luck!


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why isn't tea tree oil good for acne prone skin? I thought it was used to help combat blemishes. (brands like desert essence)

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I will be watching this thread!  My rosacea makes me feel so ugly - especially when I see my red cheeks in pictures.  I used to be so photogenic, so it is very disheartening!


I have had success getting rid of the embarrassing acne (but not the redness) by using a papaya enzyme exfoliant from the health food store in each shower (about every other day) and green tea moisturizer from Proactive (believe it or not!).


I have also had some success with various creams and pills from the docs, but only for a month or two each.  Rosacea is SO frustrating.  There are no known causes or cures.  Each person seems to have to find what works for them.  I, too, have a cabinet full of expensive stuff that didn't work.  I freecycled it all once, probably time to do it again!


There is a rosacea forum elsewhere on the internet but it is pretty dead.  There are some old threads with what has worked for some people.  Based on some MDC threads, I have a sinking feeling that going gluten-free and dairy-free might cure me, but I just don't think I could live like that.


Hoping other mamas have some suggestions!  Just wanted you to know you are not alone.

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My rosacea, when not controlled, is terrible. It is worst on my nose and chin, and I also get acne with it. I started a new routine after reading about it on an acne forum. I noticed improvements within a few days, and within about three months the redness and spots were gone. I have to keep the routine up, though, or it returns. I never had any luck with elimination diets.


1. Cleanse with Cetaphyl.


2. Apply Finacea cream.


3. Moisturise with Cetaphyl.


Morning and night.


I've also had laser treatment to remove the really large, obvious broken capillaries. I know its not "natural" but I am very happy with the results.

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I have acne roseacea too, but my skin is also very dry. I tried OCM but it dried out my skin too much. I mostly wash with water only (I use mineral makeup so I don't need a makeup remover/cleanser) and now and then use raw honey as a mask. If it's crystallized, it works great as a scrub. I moisturize with raw coconut oil and that's pretty much it. Natural, and very inexpensive!

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I totally understand feeling ugly when rosacea is at it's worst! Luckily it isn't that bad anymore, but I was getting some new acne almost every day for a while the past couple months.

I've been told that tea tree oil is good for acne, but not rosacea. I was using the tea tree oil face wash from The Body Shop for a while after I was told not to use Noxema b/c that's terrible for your skin. I was also using Dove bar soap for a while. Made my skin soft but did nothing for the rocasea or acne.

The OCM says to use castor oil and another oil like olive, but I don't have any castor oil so I've only been using the olive oil and really like it so far! The acne spots seem less "out" of my skin and seem smoother and I haven't gotten many new ones. My skin seems softer all over too. Last night I used coconut oil for the first time as a moistureiser after and it made me so soft.
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So there with you. I am just about up to HERE with my skin. I've been trying to conceive, pregnant, or nursing (or some combination of the above) for about 5 years now and I'm getting into my 40s, so lots of horrible things going on anyway, skin-wise.


I've tried the honey mask, Cetaphyl, and coconut oil. EVERYTHING worsens the rosacea. Horrible, stinging pain, to be honest. Right now, in the cold of winter, I simply rinse my face once a day in the shower. It doesn't help. but it doesn't seem to hurt, either. As if anything could be worse than this horrible dry, peeling redness.


I guess the upside is the "normal" acne has almost completely cleared up. All I've got is the redness. I was walking down the street on a cold winter day last month, and a stranger said, "Wow, those are some rosy cheeks." UGHHH.

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I have been using the same brand for about 8 years now with great success.  As my skin has changed (getting older ya know) I have switched products within the line as needed.  You tell them about your skin issues and they will suggest products for you.  Great return policy if something doesn't work.  At times when my skin has changed I've contacted them for advice and they have been incredibly helpful.  It is often the owner who responds.

Here's the link to their trial pack for rosacea but they also address acne and sensitive skin:


It is not natural but it is a smaller company:  http://www.zerozits.com/miva/merchant.mvc?Session_ID=db212cfc06d4dd9c44e8c786e3a1f7ec&Screen=PROD&Store_Code=SSC&Product_Code=TMPRosacea&Category_Code=TMP


For me, it is the only thing that keeps the redness down.

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Have you tried rose hip oil? 

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My experience is that most things that temporarily help the acne worsen the rosacea over the long run.


I have had good experience with Cetaphyl (and not so hot experiences with generics) cleanser as long as I don't use it more than 5 times a week AND get it all rinsed off.  I have also had good experience with the Cetaphyl moisturizer no more than 4-5 times a week.  Generally I find that I can use the cleanser followed by the moisturizer at night (particularly if I've worn makeup) and do nothing with a shower in the morning.


I've also had good luck with Alba Sea Lettuce Cleansing Milk instead of the the Cetaphyl cleanser.


Finally, think through your hair products and/or makeup.  Every once in a while I'll try something new and really regret it.  No hairspray EVER, I can get away with some Aveda products.  I can only do Clinique's loose powder for makeup.  I do not put any chemical sunblock on my face EVER, only a titanium oxide. 

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I have rosacea and it is actually under control with no products now! yay!
The only thing that works for me is the Rx metro gel. I got finacea as a sample from the dr and it caused it to flare horribly so you need to try different things to find what works.
I find that hormonal changes really affect the severity of my rosacea. Right now I'm breastfeeding and it is only rosy cheeks, no bumps or pain. If it flares again, I will use metro gel and hopefully that will still work.
I cannot use any soap at all on my face and I have tried a lot! I use cetaphil facial moisturizer every time I wash my face with water and whenever it feels dry in the winter.
I hope this helps, I know how embarrassing and painful it can be. Sometimes I even use a liquid foundation to reduce the redness and I am NOT a makeup user. But when it is bumpy even that doesn't help, it makes it look worse.
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Have you tried handmade soap? I have acne prone skin, not rosacia. I use this http://www.willowbaynaturals.com/Clear-Skin-Complexion-Soap-with-Aloe-Tea-Tree-Oil_p_73.html  but it has tea tree oil in it. I also sometimes just use unscented goatmilk soap though when my skin gets really dry in the winter. I used to use Cetaphil, but my skin is so much better since I switched.

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I have pretty bad rosacea and have found a lotion that this woman on Etsy sells, it REALLY helps the dryness! It doesn't burn or cause any problems. Its very soothing! PM me if you would like the info to her shop! She is really wonderful to work with.

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Originally Posted by UrbanMamma View PostFinally, think through your hair products and/or makeup.  Every once in a while I'll try something new and really regret it.  No hairspray EVER, I can get away with some Aveda products.  I can only do Clinique's loose powder for makeup.  I do not put any chemical sunblock on my face EVER, only a titanium oxide.

I don't have Rosacea, but I do have pretty bad acne.  I found this to be very true for me.  Shampoo seems to be the worst culprit for me.  I've been using V05 for a couple years now b/c I've found it to cause the least amount of problems.  I have to make sure I bring my own shampoo/conditioner when I go out of town b/c even using a different shampoo once can cause terrible breakouts.  Alba Green Tea and Aloe moisturizer works really well, and is really light.  I can't use most acne products b/c they just make things worse (I'm sensitive to those too, strange, huh?  lol) but recently I tried Alba's new acne line "AcneDote" and it is working really well (except during my period). 


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It seems that I cure my rosacea with Pine Tar soap (green color) purchased anywhere in health store. I had classic rosacea symptoms with tideness, redness, postuless, broken capilars . . .   For first time I wash my face with and left applied soap on face over the night for several times.

That provoke additional redness on rosacea effected areas. After couple days it peeled off and my skin pail out and became healthy in the next seven days. I still wash my face with the soap  and occasionally i leave over the night. I tested my face on wine, beer, coffe and other triggers which I couldn't consume without outbreaks in redness and red spots. No such problem anymore. Hoppe that will help you to.


God bless you all!!


PS.If you had success with it the only condition I request is to pass the news to other people in trouble with.


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Hi there.... I may have a solution. It may not work for everyone but I hope that it may be able to help some people.


I recently had a 6 month bout of acne (I'm 32 and haven't had spots since I was a teenager). All the symptoms pointed to Roseaca (I'm not 100% sure whether or not it is). However, I was very puzzled as had been using the same face wash and moisteriser (Aveda) for the past few years and following the same diet with no problems. The only difference was that I had moved from the countryside to London. I tried everything to try and clear up my skin from dietary changes to using a different face wash to no avail. BUT it wasn't until the doctor mentioned something as simple as the local hard water that I decided to try something different. I started drinking filtered water and stopped washing my face with tap water and instead used cotton pads and a cleanser to remove make up and dirt. The best news is that my acne started to clear gradually and almost 2 weeks later its almost clear. Yippee! I started using Clinique anti-redding cleanser which was great although rather pricey (and I used it up way too quickly) so I've swapped to Simple pore minimising toning cleanser along with Simple soothing facial toner (which you can buy pretty much anywhere - Boots, Superdrug etc). Funnily enough the cheaper of the above brands (Simple) actually seems to be clearing up the problem much faster than the expensive brand (Clinique).


I know this may not be the solution for everyone as I know diet can play a huge role in spots but even if the above can help just one person clear up their skin then that would be wonderful news.


When Googling hard water and acne I found the below:



Hard water often leaves a mineral residue on skin. This film can clog pores and bring on breakouts. “There are certain minerals in high concentrations in hard water, which may cause irritation like acne or eczema,” Dr. Schweiger says.

Redness relief: Save face by installing water filters or purifiers, such as Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System ($95). Filters reduce the concentration of heavy metals in water, which can help prevent pimple-causing residue and irritation. (Bonus: The filtered, pH-balanced water will also leave your hair silky smooth.)


I really hope my post helps. I was so thrilled that I really wanted to let other people who love in hard water areas know with hope it can help them too. 


Good luck and all the very best.

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