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Where are the Sept '10 babies?

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I'd love to hear how you're doing! My little Lila-bell learned the hard way how to roll... off the couch! (ouch! bad mommy)  She can't sit unassisted, but loves to stand.  She'll babble for literally an hour straight.  She has so many things to say! I'm so in love. 



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Mark is doing great! Just hit the 4 month mark, and can sit for a a short time, and LOVES his jumparoo!!! Hes smiling all the time and laughs, but you gotta work for it! Growing all the time and nursing like a champ! smile.gif I love my little cutie!
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Lila's all smiles, she flirts with strangers from the sling, but if they try to touch her she's quite vocal about not liking that!

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Silas is babbling and LAUGHING. He is starting to understand the point of toys, and finally has the motor skills to enjoy them. He's teething hard--cutting all four front teeth at once. So that's been tough...We joke about starting him on solid foods earlier than we had planned, because he's constantly nomming on a carrot or cucumber slice (not eating, just something cool on his gums).

EC is still going well. He really will *not* poop in his diaper, but will hold it until he's on the potty. He made the potty sign on my birthday last week (and did, in fact, need to go)! He hasn't done it since, but still...

He still doesn't roll over (should I be worried yet?) and hates tummy time, although we make him do it. He can sit up by himself on his potty, but not on the floor yet. He loves to stand (supported).

He also giggles when we say nonsense words--even if we're not using a funny voice to say them. I really believe he can tell the difference (although everyone says I'm crazy). 

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I wondered where everyone had gotten :D  Good to see you!  


T was 4 months a week ago.  He's a master thumbsucker--only his right one!  And I joke he's not going to meet any gross motor milestones except sitting because he always has his thumb in his mouth.  He is the most easy-going baby!  Sleeps great; actually, he has the sleep habits of a much older kiddo (defined naps, early bedtime) and sleeps better and longer than his 3yo sister.



17LB, 9OZ



Both are 90%.  I think he's a bit longer than that, though.  Everyone thinks he is at least 6mo. 



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He still doesn't roll over (should I be worried yet?) and hates tummy time, although we make him do it.


He also giggles when we say nonsense words--even if we're not using a funny voice to say them. I really believe he can tell the difference (although everyone says I'm crazy). 

No worries--my DD2 who walked before 10mo didn't roll until AFTER she was sitting unassisted!  And I firmly believe that there are certain words T knows and responds to--and I sometimes think he tries to say "hey" and "again" when we are playing!  So you are not crazy at all.

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I am a first time mom! My little boy Timmy was born 9-17 he was 9.5 lbs 3 weeks late and a emerg c-section. I am married but my husband is "domestically challenged" spoiled and honesly he seems to see our son as something he will "grow into" it sucks but I love him! I have no family and no one to compare stories with. My little boy hates tummy time has not rolled either way sucks thumb smiles and has a funny laugh prefers shower water to tub? uses jumper will use his legs to stand if supported he is as of today 18lbs and is super long wears clothes that say 9-12 mo) doc says not overweight just top 99 precentile for height! he is alleregic to milk protien i try to breast feed but supplement with bottles when needed. I wish i knew other mommys in the va area! would love any advice!newyears.jpg

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Hi Corrinne!  My 2nd DD was milk protein intolerant, too, and for a period of 10 months I was some variation of dairy, soy, nut, and egg free while nursing her.  It was hard, but she is the healthiest kid!  So it was worth it.  Your DS and mine sound very similar in terms of size (I weighed mine today, and he was 18lbs clothed)!  I love big babies :)

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Glad to hear of other BIG BABIES! Mark just hit 4 months (on the 18th) and is over 15lbs! Everyone thinks he's HUGE, but my nephew was bigger at this age! Today someone saw a PICTURE of him and said "He's huge what are you feeding him?" and I was proud to say only breastmilk! 


Mark can roll from front to back, did it first at six weeks! But has only done it a few times since! I just think he doesn't care too, he's pretty happy on his tummy, or back or sitting! As long as he's well fed, rested and has a toy to chew on! He's getting good at squriming around, he can get all the way across the pack n play on his back 0.0 and this morning in bed I had him laying on his tummy on my tummy and he saw the cat and all the sudden HAD to get to him! lol it was funny watching him kick his little legs and reach to only move half an inch! :) 

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Great to hear how all the Sept. babies and Mamas are doing!  Ellie's almost 5 months now, which blows my mind!  She is definitely *not* an easy baby--more tempestuous than easy, and absolutely opposed to sleeping.  Each naptime is a production, and she will only nap in her swing (or on me or in the car).  She absoluely refuses to lay on her back in the co-sleeper, so at night she's in my bed next to me, which is lovely but also not conducive to sleep, since the longest stretch she'll go without sleeping is 3 hours (on a good night), so we're gearing up to really try The No Cry Sleep Solution (especially the gentle nipple removal, since Ellie seems unable to fall back asleep most times w/out my boob...not a sleep self-soother for sure!)


Yet despite her determination to make mommy really, really tired, she is just absolutely amazing.  Talks up a storm, smiles and giggles like crazy (her favorite giggle-inducer is when I kiss her on the lips...she thinks it's hilarious!), rolls from tummy to back regularly, can *almost* roll from back to tummy, and so, so desperately wants to be able to sit up on her own.


She's a petite thing, too, despite being a voracious eater--25 1/4 inches long, and 13.2lbs at 4.5 months. 

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Howdy!  Fin will be 4 months old on the 26th, so just a few days away now!   I have another big one; he's just over 17 pounds and I have no clue how many inches.  I just know the 3-6 month clothes are getting small!


We seem to be hitting his 4 month sleep regression b/c he went from waking 1-2 times a night to 5 or so.  Perfect timing since I went back to work last Monday (*sarcasm*).  He's in the bed with dh and me at night just b/c it is so much easier to get some rest that way.  I am about ready to transition him to a crib part time, though.  We waited too long to do that with ds2 and it was a terrible time.  He's rolling over and "talking" a ton, although he's starting to get a bit picky about wanting to be held all the time.





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I'm the mama of another big boy here! Sonny was born September,14 and weighed a nice healthy 7 pounds 9 ounces and was 21 inches long. I'm not sure how long he is now, but he weighs 18 pounds! People always ask how old he is and are shocked, they think he's 6 months! They always ask what I feed him and I say "just mama milk". I have 4 milk babies and 2 of them were on the smaller side and really needed to gain weight and they have since drinking my milk!

My boy is so calm and almost always happy and never cried at all during the first 3 months, he's just started to have some fussy days over the past week or so and he's started to cry a little, but I can calm him pretty fast. He got his first 2 teeth for Christmas! He can now roll from his back to his tummy and sit up in his exersaucer and loves to stand when I hold him. He gets super excited when I say "stand" and help him stand up. It's so funny! We co-sleep and sometimes co-shower.He thinks it's really funny to burp in my mouth when I ask for a kiss.
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Wow those are the same stats as M born on the 18th! 

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I just figured out how to post pictures... but I can't figure out how to make it smaller! 

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Clayton is now 4 months and 19lbs 1 oz and 26 inches long. He's just so huge, I am blown away.


He babbles, chews everything. Sits unassisted for like 5 seconds before leaning in toward something to try to get into his mouth :)

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Caleb is 19 weeks old today. He is 26 inches long and is 17 pounds. He tells long stories using is "ag-goo-ar-ga-abu" and has been rolling over (belly to back) since he was 5 weeks old. He can roll back and forth and scoots himself around his playmat or on the hardwood, and has even worked his feet under his little butt and raised it up! He can sit unassisted for 3 minutes, but always goes for his toes and then ends up getting stuck down there ;). He laughs and smiles all the time, and is usually pretty easy going. He usually, voluntarily (we never CIO) sleeps through the night and has since he was 8 weeks. He didn't like cosleeping (wouldn't sleep and would get super fussy in bed with us) so he has been sleeping in his crib in his nusery for the last month, something we weren't expecting and that was incredibly heartbreaking during the transition (for me, he just cuddles down and passes out, while I lurk and watch). He is still EBF, but has licked jello and likes to pretend to eat off a spoon. We have given him a pizza crust to mow down on, but he didn't swallow any, just chewed on it during one of his more aggressive teething days. He likes to chew on carrots and celery, too. He is the most amazing and wonderful part of our life, and we are all so very much in love with him. He changes so much every day and it is so very amazing to watch him grow.

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Caitlin is 19.5 weeks and full into 6-9 mo. clothes. At 17 weeks she was 25.5 in. and 16.5 lb.


She occasionally rolls from back to side. No other rolling, but her hand-eye-mouth coordination is great! She loves to smile and laugh. :)




She does not love to sleep, though we've improved from a couple weeks of not sleeping more than an hour at a time most nights to sleeping a couple of 2 hour stretches each night, so I guess that's something. I just got her an amber necklace, so waiting to see if that suddenly works miracles on ger sleep habits. ;)

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HI there-

Love seeing all these beautiful babies!


Hannah is 20 weeks (4.5 months) and just the happiest baby in the world!  At her appt. this week, she weighed 15 lbs, 14 oz and was 26 inches long.  So funny, the doc said she was such a big and healthy baby, above 90 percent for both height and weight.  DD1 was 27.5 inches and 18lbs, 2 oz at 4 months.... DD2 is TINY when I look at her.


She has been rolling from belly to back since around 2 weeks and from back to belly at 2.5 months.  She can get up on hands and knees, but doesn't know where to go from there. Usually it ends in her scooting backwards quite a distance.


She has had a few pretty terrible nights (4 month regression???) she just wants to roll over all night and then when she does, she cries because she wants to sleep.... last night she woke 4-5 times to nurse and a few others just to get comfy next to me..... it was a GOOD night for us.... recently she has been waking up every 15-20 minutes and doesn't want to nurse.


Anyways, love hearing about all your babes!


Here is a picture of my two DDs.... just before christmas. I will try to post a more recent one soon.



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Hey, we're Sept 1,  a 7lb 1oz, tiny little boy! His sibs were each within oz of 8lb 8oz... so forgive me but I was def doing the math to compare to the 'big' babies! I guess he's a pretty big guy cuz the last week of Dec he was 17lbs and 261/4 inches long -it just that ever since his big brother who was 18lbs at 3mo and 28 inches long (and of course rolled over that very day b2f) the rest of my babies seem tiny! So its awesome looking to see all the beautiful Sept babies, and see how normal all our not at the same benchmarks babies really are, as if we didn't know those benchmarks were practically invented to stress new moms! Anyway he's the happiest and melow-est baby yet... makes me afraid to have another cuz he is just so good, sleeps on a schedule -new concept to me- and actually cries to be brought to bed if I put it off!!! My favorite is how he laughs at people saying 'hi' to him then ducks his head to hide, then does it again!! So cute! He can almost sit unassisted, loves to stand assisted, can hold a stand for a few seconds if you let go a little, and I swear he says words DH agrees cuz they are just so appropriate to whats going on.. this week has been b-ay-buh.... don't know if I'm nuts, but I'm loving it.. oh great nursling (love that word sooo much!) and co-sleeper. He also seems to be nursing heavier at night, but I love the really heavy nurse all night long nights, I feel like I'm really doing something -really mothering? I don't know, can't find the right word but it is a great and satisfying feeling....  oh  over mine so I will and its all about the mouths, two fists at once! and he holds my face in his two hands and puts his mouth over mine so I can make kissy sounds, he loves it -almost as much as I do!! Don't know how to post pics.....

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My favorite is how he laughs at people saying 'hi' to him then ducks his head to hide, then does it again!! So cute! He can almost sit unassisted, loves to stand assisted, can hold a stand for a few seconds if you let go a little...


....  oh  over mine so I will and its all about the mouths, two fists at once! and he holds my face in his two hands and puts his mouth over mine so I can make kissy sounds, he loves it -almost as much as I do!!


Don't know how to post pics.....

 I LOVE it when ds plays peekaboo with people!


My lo likes to grab at our faces, too... But he is more about digging his fingers into our cheeks and grabbing our teeth, eyes, nose etc. He likes to open mouth "kiss" our cheeks, slobbering everywhere and giggling up a storm!


At the top of the reply box there is a toolbar. The eighth box from the left contains the tools to post a pic (inert image, the first icon in the eighth box from the left: third box from the right) insert a video, insert attachment etc. Just place your mouse over the icons and click the one you desire. The photo one will open a box that will allow you to browse your pc for a pic. :)

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Great to hear how all the babies are doing!


Tiisetso is 18 weeks old and only 6.4kg, which is surprising considering he was born weighing 4.16kg. We've really really struggled with eczema and allergies and I'm sure it's had an impact on his weight gain. He is healthy and happy though, so I try not to worry about the weight. In the last few weeks, we seem to have gotten the eczema under control. Tso can roll over from tummy to back and is very blase about this ability. He is a happy munchkin and smiles all the time, as long as he's in my or my husbands arms. He's really not keen on strangers, but will happily giggle at them as long as they're not holding him lol! He can sit unassisted, but his favourite thing to do is stand, as soon as he's standing, he's GRINNING!


Sleep wise, we're doing okay. But I've realised that I'm not giving him the opportunity to sleep 'better'. He takes all his naps in my arms, I haven't really tried to get him to nap elsewhere. I don't like the idea of 'fighting' with him to sleep, and being frustrated if he doesn't. But - that means I haven't given him a chance, so from this week, we're going to try napping on the bed. I'm not sure how often he wakes at night, maybe 2 or 3 times, we co-sleep too. There is a lot less frustration from him now that he can grab onto toys and get them into his mouth!

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