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Mackinnon-Is your Prevacid the compound or the Solutabs. My little guy SCREAMED on the liquid compound. It was worse than the reflux! But he's been doing beautifully on the Solutabs.


Pacifica-So sorry to hear about your DH. We've been having some hard times here too and the sleep deprivation just makes everything worse for everyone. Good luck starting your business.

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Hi old friends! Nice to see this thread; I'm hardly ever on mothering since Baby Andrew and going back to work and sleeping occasionally pretty much take up all my time ;), but I wanted to post an update.


Earlier in the thread, someone mentioned hefty babies being related to AP. Well, we are still EBF on-demand and co-sleeping and Andrew was only 14 lbs at his 4 month well baby. But he was also 27 inches (20 at birth on 9/14) and is a crawler. Yes, our tall boy started inchworming in January and now...Katie bar the door! we're locking up our cabinets and quickly figuring out how NOT babyproof our house is. Maybe he just can't keep the calories on, though I have noted with pride his pudgy arms and legs getting pudgier.


Here's my Andrew enjoying his first solid food: National Geographic. (Notice Dad in the background in exact same pose.)




And here he is after jumping so enthusiastically, he fell asleep!




And one more, calling my supervisor (ha!)



He turned 5 months last week and is cutting both his 2 bottom teeth. I sold his baby swing at a re-sale shop to make room for the exersaucer and jumparoo, but I cried a little because I can't believe my baby is such a grown-up. :( But we still nurse and snuggle all night every night and when I look at his sleeping face, I still see my newborn. :) He is the absolute joy of my life; what did I ever do without him?


So great to see all of your babies and hear of their progress. Thinking of you all!


Your friend,



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Awwww what a cutie!


And wow, crawling so early!

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Pacifica- Sorry to hear about your DH and struggles. These months with new babies are hard w/o that kind of upheaval. Hugs!


gradstudentmommy- We are on the capsules. I break them open and she gets 1/3 of the capsule twice a day. Not a scientific process, LOL :) but the whole pill is under her max does, so I'm not going to OD the kid. I get my finger wet and then roll it in the little beads and swipe them inside her cheek. MUCH easier than liquid meds! I told my family doc I didn't want the compound, I had heard it wasn't as effective, although the dosing could be more accurate.


Crafty- Crawling is very alarming to me! I'm SO not ready! Ack! I also have a 14lber who is EBF. My other two were nearly 20lbs at this point and also EBF. She's just littler. Although I think our biggest difference is here reflux.

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Originally Posted by Monkeybean415 View Post

Hi mamas! I was not on this forum during my pregnancy and would love to join you all since our LOs are all the same age! I am looking forward to getting to know all of you! DD was born on Sept 18th! We're EBFing, CDing, and cosleeping... I am loving every second of motherhood! Little A is rolling over and sitting pretty well but no where near crawling! WOW! That's amazing! We also have no started foods yet- I think we're going to delay for as long as possible and then do baby led solids! Still no teeth here either and that's fine with me! :)

Hi! Sounds a lot like my little guy! Same b-day and everything! He's not close to crawling yet either, but GREAT at sitting now. Can even lean over to get a toy and sit back up. I'm excited to start solids, but with no teeth and little interest we are still waiting. Our Dr. suggested having him sit at the tabel with us and when he's yelling for food, not just slightly interested or reaching like he does with everything, to go ahead and start with veggies, and then fruit. 

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I feel ya.  I just moved my baby into his crib two weeks ago after a week of getting only 2-3 hours of sleep.  We did have to let him cry a bit initially but know he goes down fairly easily.  I wanted to mention that I had a very similar experience with my son where I thought he was having a gas issue but I couldn't work it out...turned out to be two teeth. 

We use a white noise machine (Sleep Sheep) which helps.  I even downloaded a white noise ap on my phone for when we are away from the house.  Hope things are getting better for you and baby E. =)

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Hi there, I'm new here and very excited to meet like-minded mommy's.  My little boy Reece came into the world, au natural, on Sept 2 (9.02.10 - lol).  Like many mom in this thread we cd, ebf and co-slept.  Baby boy just moved into his big boy bed two weeks ago.  Yeah!  We are sleeping much better now.  Month 5 has been a big one for my little boy, he mastered rolling, got two teeth and started solid as well.  Teeth were a funny thing, we thought he was having bad gas pains and that was why he couldn't sleep for more than an hour at a time.  Then pop-pop...we had two teeth.  Baby R has also gotten quite savvy with his little hands.  It is so amazing to watch these LO's develop into there own persons and figure the world out!



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Crafty- You have a crawler!!! I mentioned on here earlier it might be nice if my DS could crawl and entertain himself more. All the moms told me I was insane and I now realize it's true!!! I see tiny pieces of trash, an occasional dead bug, or dropped food on the floor and think: OH NO- Caden will be crawling and eating that in no time! Hopefully he will hold off for another month or 2!


We went for Caden's 6 month check up on Friday and he's 17 pounds, 12 ounces, 27.5 inches long:) He laughed and smiled at everyone at the office during the visit, only whined 1-2 seconds for his vaccine, and then conked out in the carsmile.gif. Which is awesome, cause my kid doesn't sleep very well in the car! But his last nap was over 4 hours ago so that explains it!



About the vaccine: We're doing delayed and selective so only 1 vaccine at a visit, 2 shots so far for the boy. But after each shot, I've been worried. I watch his every reaction and this time he was very fussy and clingy for 2-3 days. He did this funny gasping thing repeatedly on Sunday that had us freaking out a bit. I hate it having to choose between the 2 sides of unknowns (vaccinate or maybe get an illness) in my kid's healthgreensad.gif


Last night I got a 3 hour, 40 minute sleeping stretch!!! orngbiggrin.gif I know because I have an app on my phone to track his sleep. Seemed easier to pay $5 for it than to write down his sleep habits when we were doing TNCSS. Nothing like surfing the web while I struggle to stay awake and nurse C at night.....


Hope everyone is doing well! I am loving my baby, husband, and life so muchlove.gif

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OMGosh Crafty!   It's so good to hear from you.  I do not envy you on the crawling at all.  Lila managed to get up on all 4s and I freaked out.  I'm 97% sure it was a fluke, but still!


Sere- You must be a saint.  If I were getting less than 4 hours of sleep a night I'd be toast. 


I'm sick as hell today and Reya has her little sister downstairs and has  been bringing her up to nurse and that's about it.  She's such a great big sister.  (and daughter!)




Lila sleepin



Lila cookin' with Mama



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OMG, I LOVE the pics Amanda.  The one with Reya wearing her in the ring sling is so awesome.

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Aw, Lila's such a doll!


We're still struggling with sleep issues here but on the recco of a friend bought a Miracle Blanket, and two nights ago Elliot slept for a 4.5 hour stretch!  He gets so quiet and peaceful in it, and  he's great at self-soothing.

We also ordered a new crib mattress, just to see if that might help.


One thing continues to be a problem, though- leaky diapers.  Last night we had 2!  Had to change sheets, sleepers... and the diapers weren't even wet, really.  I'm sure that they're just repelling so we need to use less soap and strip them, but it's such a pain.  We use RnG Hard Rock and I love how soft the dipes get but I think I'm going to have to give up and switch.

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Love that pic of Reya wearing her sister!!!


Sere - I love my baby tracking app too. I don't have to remember when I last changed her, because it tells me (as long as I remember to enter it) and I can easily track her day and night sleeping. I don't always put nursing in, but it's been such a great app!


We also get leaky dipes at night, but it's because they're thoroughly soaked. I use Fuzzibunz with the larger microfiber insert plus a hemp insert and change once at night. Some nights that's okay with minimal leaking and sometimes that leaves puddles. I've tried two different larger hemp prefolds in place of the hemp insert, but they leak worse, plus they're huge, so it seems Caitlin can't be comfortable. I could live with one night change if she'd not leak, but sometimes having to change jammies (thankfully it hasn't spread to sheets yet) in the middle of the night is so painful. I'm very tempted to try disposables overnight for a week to see if keeping her drier would give us longer than 2-hour stretches at night and prevent having to change at night, or at least prevent leaking. I don't want to go that route, but think it might be a fair trade if it brought some sanity-saving extra sleep continuity. And a short trial wouldn't be too bad if it didn't help.


I'm having trouble getting Caitlin to eat during the day. Whether we're at home or out and about, she gets so interested in everything around her that she'll snack, if that. Then she wants to nurse for 40 minutes at a stretch when she wakes at night, several times. I love how busy she is, and how much curiosity she shows in the world around her, but I wish I could turn that off several times a day for meals. I can't find a place even in the house that isn't totally distracting and more interesting than my boobs. Mommy necklaces don't help, because they're more interesting than my boobs too, and she can't seem to play with one and nurse at the same time. I've got room darkening curtains for the nursery that I'm hoping will help when I get a chance to put them up some time this week.


And I can't help sharing some more photos. I love seeing everyone else's, so hopefully everyone else loves seeing them too. :)







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Wow, that last one is incredibly sweet.

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:) She really is the best big sister ever! She's already planning when Lila's 12 and she's 24 and how Lila can come spend weekends with her.  Oh and she changes cloth diapers.  Doesn't get better than that!

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Wonderful pics of Caitin and Lila!  I think my DD would just die of joy if she could wear her brother--but she's only 4.5 and 35lb, so she'll have to settle for getting worn herself on occasion ;)


Night diapers = *knock on wood* we haven't had issues with leaking.  Well, once, but that was because he fell asleep before I got him diapered for the night.  We use a trifolded infant prefold as a doubler inside a premium prefold and then a PUL cover.


CRAFTY!!!!!!  Crawling??  No wonder he wanted to stay put on the inside--he knew he was going to be working hard out here ;)



I haven't got much except that we moved T to his crib this week.  He's reliably STTN, and he seems to prefer his own space.  I am sad.  But he is not.  So I guess that's just the way it is.

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Ugh, I don't know when we're going to move Ozzy to a crib.


The situation is weird.  Emma is still co-sleeping (with my husband) in the "bedroom" while Ozzy and I co-sleep in the "kids room" (which has a twin mattress and a crib, we're on the twin mattress).  

So I guess the solution is to get Emma to sleep on her own on the twin, and move me and Ozzy into the queen-sized bed with my husband [not that it matters to me where he sleeps, we've only had sex in the living room and kitchen for the past two years, rotfl... one day we'll actually have a bed to do it in].  But then what when Ozzy is ready to go into a crib-- and I think it's going to be far earlier than Em.  She's always been a snugglebug and sleeps very restlessly, she's all over the place, and wakes up 1-2 times a night even though she weaned like 9 months ago.  Ozzy, on the other hand, at 5 months old is only waking up twice a night to nurse, does not seem to want that close physical contact all the time like she does, and sleeps very soundly.  And I do have visions of having my own bed with just me and my husband, haha.  But, I'm paranoid that they would just wake each other up all night if they were in the same room together.


*sigh*  I'll probably just keep doing what I'm doing, which is procrastinating on getting them in their own beds, and doing the "lazy" thing instead... but hey, it works and we are all getting enough sleep, and when you have 2 under 2 and everyone's getting enough sleep... why try to "fix" it?

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Love the pics of Cailin and Lila:) So sweet!!!


Amanda Reya's Mom- My friend has a 11 mo and a 10 yo and she says it's like having a first baby again! But she loves that her older DD can help her so much! Also, I get about 8 (very broken) hours of sleep a night, 3 hours was just my longest unbroken stretch! OMG, I wouldn't survive if 3 hours was all the sleep I got!


Caden has a BIG butt at night: Thirsties cover, Mother Ease OS, newborn GMD, and sometimes a hemp stuffer. But he never leaks! Disposables, BG 3.0, Goodmamas, FB, he leaked out of them all before we found the magic combination;) Now there's never a problem! I think it's all the layers of absorption for the liters of pee he must produce at night and a cover that fits him very well that does the trick.


Jenifer- My kiddo is SUCH a distracted eater now too! I swear he's eating less nowadays simply because there is so much to see, listen, notice,and grab. I read that my milk adjusts to his age needs and he's getting more calories with less milk now but SERIOUSLY. Stay on for longer than 1 minute, boy! If there is anyone in the room, he won't eat until we are alone. Sometimes he waits so long to eat that he is ravenous when he actually does have time to pay attention to nursing :)


Kelly- We need to move C to his crib soon too. I think I'll miss him more than he will me greensad.gif. Not sure if I'm ready to trade baby cuddle for better sleep or if I'll even get better sleep! First thing though I've got to get him to sleep unswaddled and not in a swing or with me! Need to start leaving one arm out when we swaddle him for sleep... And, well, the swing? Maybe I'll just continue to let him sleep in that until it breaks. And skip the crib for a while! The child sleeps for HOURS in his swing during naptime and before he come to bed with me. 


Here's my boy's 6 month picture:)




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OMG I know I'm late to this thread (fell off the face of the earth for awhile lol) but I am seriously LOVING seeing everyone's little ones! I can't believe how big they are already! And is it just me or does our DDC not have the cutest babies EVER??!


My little Mila is 4.5 months (born 10/2..I was 3 weeks overdue lol) and is just so precious. She has such a distinct personality. She is a great sleeper at night, only waking once or twice and going right back to sleep after a short nursing session. We've just barely started getting naps down though, that took awhile. She is very curious and very attached to our family but leery of strangers. She loves to be worn in the wrap or Boba when we are out and about, but only likes to be in it when we are moving. She LOVES the bumbo, she sits in it on my desk while I am working and on the table while we are eating dinner lol. She loves toys, she will sit and just examine things for long periods of time. We are still EBF and had to take the CD'ing to part time as I'm working 12+ hour days and cannot keep up with laundry. She rolls from back to side but has not rolled all the way over yet (well once or twice on the bed but I think it

was because there was a bit of a 'dip' kwim?). She hates tummy time and I don't push it, I'm not worried. Just a side note but one thing I've found really annoying is that everyone mispronounces her name! I didn't expect it lol. For the record, it's pronounced MEE-lah (everyone seems to think it's My-lah)


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Awww, Mila got the foot!


Ozzy hasn't been able to get it in his mouth yet, although he will occasionally take off his socks.

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Ack.  Here, too.  Like literally the only time he will eat a "full meal" is if we're laying down on a bed, with a blanket on him loosely keeping his arms down, and no distracting lights or noises, ROTFL.  If I'm NIP or trying to do it with his sister running around, he just pops off constantly.  Which is okay, because when he does, he'll look around, then look back at me with this huge milky grin :D  But it takes forever doing it that way, rotfl.

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Jenifer- My kiddo is SUCH a distracted eater now too! I swear he's eating less nowadays simply because there is so much to see, listen, notice,and grab. I read that my milk adjusts to his age needs and he's getting more calories with less milk now but SERIOUSLY. Stay on for longer than 1 minute, boy! If there is anyone in the room, he won't eat until we are alone. Sometimes he waits so long to eat that he is ravenous when he actually does have time to pay attention to nursing :)


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