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ssc with higher back than ergo?

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Quick question.  We wear, and enjoy, our ergo with our 23 pound, 28 1/2 inch 9 month old--it distributes his weight well.  However, he can be an archer and I feel like the back of the carrier doesn't come up high enough on his back.  Can anyone recommend a SSC that has a higher back?  Preferably one that would also work for a NB.  


(We have a mei tai, a storch and two ring slings as well--but for LONG wearing we like the ergo's weight distribution)

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A boba is higher. However it cannot be used with a newborn but you already have an ergo and a ring sling that could be used for a nb...so it might be the solution your looking for.

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An Action Baby Carrier is higher and it's probably the least expensive out of all of the SSC's out there.  I've had mine since DS was 3 months old and he's 10.5months, 22lbs and I can still wear him hours on end.  http://www.actionbabycarriers.com/

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Most of the SSCs that have higher back and are better for toddlers are not great for newborns.  I second the recommendation of the Boba, and I also love the BabyHawk Oh Snap but it's a very large bodied carrier (will absolutely not work for babies younger then 6mo, sometimes even under 1yr depending on size).  A Beco Gemini can be used for a newborn and it does have a high back when you have the headrest up, but it has a somewhat narrow seat.  There's also the Olives&Applesauce, which has higher back an internal seat that can be used for newborns and young infants (but doesn't have to be used with an older baby). 

I hope that gets you started in your search.  I hope you find something that works soon!

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We're thinking the boba.  Thanks everyone!  Hate to spend money on a new carrier (when we have so many) but for long hikes or long wearing we need the support of a SSC at the moment (we also wrap, but I find that cumbersome for back carries when I'm home alone).  We love our babyhawk but for hiking/snowshoeing the support in the belt of the ergo has been better than the ties.  So, Boba it is.

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Manduca's are taller too.

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I had this issue with Ergo for my first 2 kids, then I switched to Beco. It provided a solid 4 inches more back height to hold their wiggles in.

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